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This blog is very personal and comes from the heart of a real fighting cancer patient who wishes nothing more than to live for all of those I love my own will to live, and my love of life. While sometimes I might be on heavy medication (prescribed by my doctor) and occasionally I might write about things or subjects that one may never even think about or consider; so please consider that as well. Yes; whacked out things might even be found here; but I mean everything in all good intentions.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Beach Cruiser and the fun we had....

Well Saturday turned out to be an awesome day to go for a bike ride with my honey. It felt so incredibly fabulous to be riding my beach cruiser with him finally after all these months of having the gorgeous bike parked in my garage! We finally got to go on a bike ride together!)

It was about noon-time on Saturday (we got to sleep in) and I still had another hour to be hooked up to that feeding thing. I even made him his favorite breakfast of tots, bacon, and eggs over easy!) We got everything ready to go for our bike ride (a backpack with water, frisbees, and the camera) and then by 1:15 after the TPN had been disconnected from me; we got our bikes together with Blue Belle in hand and went on our bike ride to Mary Jane Park which is about 8 or so blocks from our home.

There are a bunch of little shortcuts to take to get to this park. Since my bike is more or less an old lady bike; only has 3 speeds and works comfortably going very, very slow or even somewhat fast; I was better able to lead Miss Blue Belle since she got tired and had to go slow often. I don't like to go fast anyway; just cruise and enjoy the ride! Miss Blue Belle is out of shape and I had to slow down quite a bit for her as she ran out of breath a few times. No worries, I plan to get this girl in shape in no time. We weren't able to make it to her favorite pet store this weekend, but will be able to tomorrow after Chemo.

Seeing me have a blast riding on my beautiful cruiser got my husband thinking about getting himself a nice beach cruiser for himself. I wasn't in the least amount of pain riding my bike because it has such a nice cushy seat for my bony ass and plenty of padding so that I never got those horrid ass pains from riding on one of those freaky triangle shaped seats that are actually excellent at creating horrid hemorrhoid pain for those who are riding with slow pokes such as myself.

I know I have been told several times by several different people that there are seats for dudes and seats for women that are made specifically for their genital parts and sitting on the seat which does not look or feel all that comfortable. Why concentrate on those parts when you are actually sitting on your ass? I don't know for sure if this is true or not but several people have told me this. The seats are shaped so weird like a triangle and then the inside of the triangle is missing. How is this enough to cover someone's ass? I don't get it. I see them as potential genital mutilation seats. I know, I have ridden on both of our old bikes (they both have the genital mutilation seats) to know they don't make you feel good sitting on them for too long. I would often get butthole pains from sitting on those seats for too long and sometimes rashes on my ass from sitting on the seat for so long. So far, Beach Cruisers rock and from what my honey tells me might be a bit similar to what many Harley riders do as they roll up to stop lights. The trick is that you can ride as slow as you possible can or would like to with out tipping over.

After our ride to Mary Jane Park, we rode up to the local pub for a beer. It was just a few blocks away. I had my first beer in over a month (maybe longer); it was a Guiness which tends to be better on my stomach and also very good for my blood since it is such a dark beer. We mostly just sat in the bar, had some good conversation with several of the locals and mostly just had a good time together. It was so nice to finally be back there again and to see many whom I haven't seen in months. I was finally out of the house and the two of us were out having fun together rather than heading to the hospital for a treatment or a blood test; we were having fun and we didn't drive! What a miracle this weekend has been!

Well we got home and then got ready to go out to eat at Aqui in Downtown Campbell. We both go the Blackened Mahi Mahi with chopped Mangos and cucumber and mashed sweet potatoes. I ate maybe a third of my meal as it was the first real meal I have had in over a month. I made sure I chewed everything as good as possible and drank plenty of water. What an awesome dinner! Also, most often very beautiful old cars are parked in downtown Campbell so as usual we always have to photograph those pretty cars.

Well when I got home the pain started to get out of control so I took a Percocet to control the pain for right then and it worked a little bit until the muscle spasms started; then I had to take an Ativan. These were pretty bad muscle spasms and eventually they passed. See I only have to deal with the pain for part of the day or evening; it's not constant as it used to be. I still suffer in pain (mostly in the evening and when I wake up) but at least I don't have to do something constantly. anymore. I'm improving slowly or at least I hope that I am. Sometimes I just don't know for sure.

Well today we had planned to ride our bikes to the Farmer's Market and had all intentions of doing so. Well we woke up in time and were able to make it to the hospital (Lab) for a blood draw and urine analysis just prior to my chemo tomorrow morning at 9am. I had to warn the ladies as usual since I didn't recognize anyone today that I am a very hard stick! Be prepared and get me a butterfly needle!) One woman walked up to me very sympathetically and told me she wished me the best in my battle. She knew I had been fighting for many years and I plan to fight for many more I told her! My honey came up right behind me as she was bandaging me up (my she was fast!) and kissed my forehead. He was so loving towards me and made me so proud to have this handsome man waiting for me here. Then I had to do the urine thingy and we were done!)

Well we got home from the hospital and got ready to get me off the feeding machine an hour early. After getting off the TPN we just drove to the Farmer's Market to meet up with some of Jimmy's friends from the local pub. The Market closes at 1pm and we would not have made it in time had we rode the bikes. (yes we overslept and got our day started rather late!) but we slept in together!) We got to the market and got mostly fruit; I didn't get my usual Vegan and Gluten Free Rasberry, Poppyseed, Creamcheese Muffin, but I did get a Blue Berry Cream Cheese Muffin for tomorrow! Yes, I still get to eat some of the fattening fun things as long as I chew it carefully and mindfully and drink plenty of water. Some stool softeners won't hurt either!)

We stopped and had lunch at this Irish Bar and watched part of the Packer Game with Jimmy's sweet friends; I had a kid's pasta portion which was very simple for me to eat and caused my tummy hardly any pains. The Packers were kicking ass so my hubby was happy and I was happy too! We were spending another fun day together! We even went to a few bike shops to look at cruisers for my honey. He had spent hours on the internet the night before checking out Beach Cruisers; so this will be fun; having him test and ride the cruisers to see the difference and maybe even the excitement of getting one. They are handmade here in the United States; so here's to helping out our local economy!)

After wards, we headed back home and I took my neighbor's daughter out for a cruise on the bikes. She rode her little bike and is still learning how to ride. She can't turn for some reason and it's hard for me to tell her how to turn. Now she is 14 years old, has had brain surgery for Cancer and is a 10 year survivor now; that she just celebrated a clear scan. I have no idea why it is so hard but I am unable to teach her how to look where she would like to go; instead she looks at where she doesn't want to go and sometimes she has these little crashes in fear. They don't look so pleasant but I'm being very patient with her. I try to show her how easy it is on my bike just by riding around and still she does the same thing, she rides straight and then when she needs to turn; she slams on the brakes and nearly crashes. I tried to keep telling her to look where she would like to go and instead she keeps on looking where she wants to crash and does just that? It was a little frustrating and I'm hoping she gains some more trust in me teaching her to ride. She did make some tiny baby steps today and almost went in a complete circle at the church parking lot (it was mostly empty).

My poor honey can't really ride that well with me since the stupid bike seat hurts his ass (it's not at all comfy) and I go too slow. He has the mountain bike that requires speed; it's not at all for cruising. No matter what; I'm getting stronger and stronger this week and will work on riding my bike since I am doing much better at this than walking. Here's to more healing and getting stronger!)

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WhiteStone said...

You simply amaze me! I'm such a wimp when it comes to pain and my treatment so far has been sooooo minor compared to what you are currently dealing with. I thought my bike was same brand as yours, but not. Anyway, it rides pretty smooth. I'm glad you had a great weekend. Blessings to ya!

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Aroma Fields said...

You are amazing! This news is fabulous! I'm glad that you're up and around and doing the things you love.

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