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Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm back home from the hospital again!....Hopefully for good!

This morning I finally got released from the hospital at around 11am. I had awoken with severe nausea and pain in my abdomen (most likely from the chemo) so we dealt with that. I kind of just had to lie on the bed and stay motionless for just a little while. This feeling did keep me from packing things up as I had wanted to and I also wanted badly to go upstairs to floor 4 to say good bye to my new friend Anne and to bring back a DVD I had borrowed. I just didn't have the energy; I couldn't get myself out of bed. I was so incredibly lethargic!(

The doctors had come to see me shortly after 7am to remove the staples and to discuss my early release from the hospital. I was stoked but also frightened dearly of having to get those staples removed. Don't laugh, but I video taped the whole procedure this time for those of you who might be interested in that kind of stuff. I didn't realize it but the last two staples were actually blocked by my shirt; sorry about that (I was being a chicken monkey about it all and I videotaped the whole deal with my eyes closed. That's why I wasn't carrying on!); but I also got them taking off the bandage to my JP and then putting on those little steri strips (I think that is what they are called), but they basically hold you together and allows for the tummy to heal further.

I will never forget having those staples removed just the day before my wedding and then having those little steri strips that seemed to always get caught on my dress. (I had to go potty a lot because of the surgery on my bowels). My honey still wanted to marry me no matter what and he and I are still happy newly weds! Steri strips and all!)

Anyway my husband showed up this morning to pick me up around 10:15ish or so and was so incredibly accommodating to me. It's just those tiny little things that he does for me that I could never ever take for granted. In fact anytime anyone does something nice for me; I can't bring myself to always just expect that of them; instead I just appreciate it. It's just wonderful and just another thing in life to be incredibly thankful for. I just can't believe that incredible gift I have in such a wonderful husband. He packed up mgsy thin very nicely; just like a soldier would; all of my belongings were very organized; he even made a few quick trips to the truck so that we wouldn't have so much to carry back, he went to pharmacy and picks up my drugs, and then he even walked up to the 4th floor and took the DVD that I had borrowed from Anne back up to her. What an awesome, awesome man to be married too! I'm so thankful for everyday that I get to spend with him!)

Well, when my honey went upstairs to see Anne, she decided right then to come downstairs immediately in her wheelchair so that she could say good bye to me. The sweet nurse Terry helped wheel her downstairs and I got to hug both of them. It was so good to see her and I will be leaving my Skype on just in case she wishes to call me. It's great to make such an excellent connection while in the hospital like that. I have had hospital roommates before that were no where near that nice; well I take that back I did have one that was awesome; a breast cancer survivor. She was so sweet to me and treated me as if I were her daughter.

Riding home was easy enough as my energy level started to increase. I was so excited to be outside and riding in a car. I couldn't believe that I was outside at all; it was so nice. Today the temperatures were in the triple digits today and I stayed inside mostly. I finally went outside after 5pm when it just started to cool down just a little bit to hang out with some neighbors as Blue Belle played with her best friend Tess. Of all things I forgot my camera. They were playing so cute together and I got to hang out for just a little while with four of my neighbors. They all have missed me because I have been in the hospital for quite a while (over 3 weeks). Amanda even came outside with her mother. It was so good to see everyone. We finally went back inside as I started to feel some pains; I came inside and rested and then felt more energy once again. I didn't have much painkillers today only 2 applications of the liquid morphine (morning and night) and this medication is approved for every 2 hours.

Later on I got a surprise and 3 co-workers came by to visit me. I was so happy to see them and I had missed all of them like crazy over the months. In fact I was actually kind of looking forward to going back to work and seeing everyone again. Time just passes by no matter what anyway. I hope to have enough energy to go visit everyone at work soon.

I think today was good day to be released from the hospital; I definitely feel more ready despite having had chemo last night. I'm not in as much pain and I feel good overall. Can't get the smile off my face (I have so much to smile about today).

My chemo doctor called and talked with my husband about adding Carbo or Cisplatinum to my regimine and I'm down with it. My husband isn't so much but I want a fighting chance to kill this horrid shitty cancer! I promise to keep you all updated on our decisions on that. I feel very strongly that I can handle those severe side effects because I do have the best ever anti-nausea medicine and I don't have to worry about being arrested for using it. I don't have to say another word about it; I feel confident that I can handle the chemo ahead of me despite this 6th major surgery. It wasn't so bad (hopefully tomorrow I won't be writing that yes, it was bad after all!) Just kidding! I hope I'm not jinxing myself by saying that; but yes I am ready as ever to battle cancer!

One of my visitors has a severe phobia of all large dogs and Blue Belle does kind of fit into that category (she's a large Sheltie); she might even have those intimidating teeth and all. She was so convinced that she was going to get my friend over her fear of dogs and I think she did it. It was really cool to see. I think she could sense her fear and just felt "why would anyone be afraid of Miss Blue Belle"? I kept trying to tell her to leave my friend alone but she just kept on smiling at her and walking by her and smiling some more; she just wanted her to reach over and pet her and to tell her that she wasn't afraid of her. I have seen many get scared on the streets as I have walked by with Blue Belle but more often than none; most people are more willing to want to pet my beautiful Blue Belle. This was just another example of why I would love to push her into therapy for people with PTSD or wounded soldiers. She has that confidence that she can heal anyone. It's very cool to see.

My friend Anne called me via Skype just when my visitors were about to leave and of course Tonto had just been fed so he was over at my next door neighbor's getting his second dinner. Well he came back later on & so here we are! Tonto sends his Love to you Anne and I hope you are able to come home soon!

I'm so happy to finally be at home and my pain level to be under control. It was scary last week and am so happy that I survived it all. Thank you all for all of your prayers, positive thoughts, good vibes, and most of all Kharma! Peace and love to all you!

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WhiteStone said...

Hey, Kiddo, glad to see you back home again...especially after your tough experience at the hospital. Watched your staple video...I've taken my camera to the chemo center and even have photos of myself in the dental chair but never thought of Movies!!!!! May have to try that. Shock them all to pieces! LOL

l'optimiste said...

heh heh - Whitestone, I am trying to decided whether or not I CAN watch the video! Maybe not so close to breakfast time? CJ you are one crazy person ;o)

I'm SO glad you're on top of this crap again now. Hope everything goes well for you today [is it still today there?]

Dee said...

Welcome home CJ.

Hope you feel stronger every day.A the joys of staple removal!

TC said...

C J, if you can tell what a person feels like from a photo I'd say you are doing great going by the last one with Tonto, model skinny but you look better than you've looked in a while. Must be the coming home huh?
Can't say much more except ya know we're all thinking of you and praying for you.

Anonymous said...

so glad you are back home! :) amy

nat said...

Glad you are home! Part of the reason you are probably feeling so good, is from the steroids given with the chemo. I know that I always felt like 'superwoman' while those were in effect! They are also supposed to help increase your appetite. Maybe you should ask for more! ;)

So glad you are home, and please rest and heal!
Big hugs!

MagicStarER said...

Just stopping in to check on you - I was hoping for good news, and I'm glad I found it! I am so glad that you got to go home again - and I hope that this time it will be for a long time! I hope you will be feeling better every day.
Have you read the new study about asparagus? 4 tablespoons a day twice a day?... (article says it can be the canned variety mushed up....)

Haven't been by for a while - I've been busy building websites trying to make some money, I am so broke I don't know what to do.

Here is Angelina Ballerina http://angelina-ballerina.webs.com/ (ok, so I am reliving my second childhood! LOL!) She can cheer anybody up!

And here is something about where I live, in Western Kentucky - about fishing, and Kentucky Lake, so pretty! (And a hillbilly or 2 - LOL!) http://westernkyfisherman.bravehost.com/

About web hosts? Webs.com is awesome! I love how easy it is over there & no big honker header ads on top of your pages on the free accts. Love them! I like them cuz you can get everything there, website, blog, forum, photo album, web forms, all that stuff, so much easier!

Anywayz I am getting ready to put my "master plan" into action soon & actually broke down and bought a couple of domain names (Me! the FREEBIE lady - the bag lady of the internet! actually BOUGHT something!) LOL

(might have something to do with this blog I've been reading, about how to make money with your blogger blog... http://makemoneyforbeginners.blogspot.com/ this guy is really good at explaining stuff, and no hype or trying to sell you something, just tells you how to do things... Check him out, he's great!

Anywayz... that is what I've been up to - that, and doctoring my poor little dog, Annie, who got scuffed by a car a couple of weeks ago, but now is fine again, thank God - it was real bad, looked like she got her right hind leg caught in a meat grinder. (I live way out in the boonies, everyone lets their dogs run out here, no cars really, but that one found my little Annie Nanny, poor baby!)

I'm sending you lots of love and smiles and I am praying hard for you - and God ALWAYS listens to me, so you are guaranteed better times, girl! :)

"Only just believe" is my favorite saying!!!

love and hugs,

Daria said...

You are one brave buckaroo ... I reacted to every staple she removed ... but I did watch the whole thing.

Glad you are home.

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