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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

X-rays, CAT scans, GI Studies....

This post will be very brief as it is an update on how I am doing in the hospital and what's going on in here. What are they doing for me to get better other than starving me to death.

Well had my vein in my elbow finally give out last night and boy was it painful. Check it out; I actually took a photo of it with my iPhone. I will end up being here for a while; we don't see me going home until sometime next week.

The blockage is actually worse than we had initially thought since I have been vomiting at night (mostly undigested food) which does tell the doctors that there is some sort of a kink just as I had suspected. I can actually feel where the kink is or at least it seems that I can.

I really thought that I would get to go home by Thursday but more than likely the soonest would be Monday of next week or even later (there is even the possibility of 2 types of surgeries) of which I was supposed to start back at work that day. My doctor is going to extend my disability for another two weeks or up to a month (my husband strongly feels it should be a month) so that I can heal and make sure that I am able to digest food in the mean time. As it is now; it is more than apparent that I am unable even digest drinking just water.

I was really looking forward to starting back at work even though I am still quite weak; I figured if I got my ass to work I could get stronger than I have been sitting at home all these months. I have even gone anywhere in over 4 months outside of San Jose; that's pretty sad in that I didn't trust my intestines to do so.

SPECIAL UPDATE: (I just spoke with a doctor so much of this is verified so far) Sorry for the position of this update if you have already read this post already. Well this morning I got to see what my block looked like in my stomach. I'm going to try to see if I can get some sort of a print out so that I can scan it or maybe even photograph with my iPhone. We will see!)

There is an area at the bottom of my stomach that is clogged with lots of food called the duodendum? that connects the stomach to the intestines (I forgot which one= small or large?) but it is flattened and the barium appeared to be having a problem getting through or at least it was taking a while to get through.

I had a few x-rays taken and even stood and lied down on this very trippy table that almost felt as if it was going to tip me upside down. I had to get on it standing up and then it tips me backwards onto my back to sort of move the barium fluid down my system. Then we waited for about half an hour for the barium to travel and then more x-rays. After those x-rays; I was promised some more in about 15-20 minutes. I was pushed over to this door to wait until it was my turn; well 15-20 minutes turned into 2-3 hours (I was completely forgotten about). I figured that maybe they thought that this extra time might be needed for the barium to go through my slow ass system.

All of a sudden I was woken up (thank god I was sleeping in a gurney instead of a wheel chair) by a very nice young man. He was directed to take me back up to my room. I was thankful for that because I started to feel some extremely sharp pains in my abdomen and it was time for some pain medication and I could also call my honey to update him since there was 0 service in the whole radiology department. I couldn't even send him a text. I have been feeling the taste of the barium coming up my esophagus and I hope this isn't a bad sign.

I was told that I would be brought back down for a CAT scan later on. Well that has since changed; how I will need to get an NG tube inserted in order to get rid of the barium and some of the food or much as we can get rid of so that I can get a CAT scan done tomorrow. I guess they don't want to mix the barium with the CAT scan fluid that is needed for the CAT scan.

From this block; there are 2 possibilities; there could be a tumor that is causing the block and they may need to go in and insert a stent or insert another opening in my stomach with some intestine; essentially making a new opening. This will definitely delay me in going back to work. I sure hope that I can eat something soon because it sure is torturous to have to go through all of this. Thank god we are going to try to do all we can to make sure I am at least comfortable prior to that NG tube being inserted (Klonopin via IV and Dilaudid for pain) and some numbing spray for my throat. I know that I need all that I can to calm my ass down while they insert that painful tube up my nose down into my stomach. How incredibly uncomfortable that will be. Well now I have that damned NG tube inserted and I'm not feeling so comfy with it!). God that sucks! I do hope it help clean things out and perhaps a miracle!)

I did get to call my honey who will be stopping by after he takes Miss Blue Belle for her walk and hopefully a romp with her best friend Tess (the Yorkie), then feed Tonto and Blue Belle and then take Miss Blue Belle with him to come see me. Oh and he has to eat his dinner prior to seeing me because it might just drive me madd if he eats in front of me.

I'm so incredibly hungry that it's been torture these last couple of days being both thirsty and feeling as if I am starving to death. He plans to talk with my doctor in order to find out what the purpose is for starving me to death; at least that's how he feels since he doesn't wish for me to loose any more weight. But I do have that dangerous block and I pray that I won't need to be opened up to fix this! Prayers for this block to resolve and perhaps this solution can open things up. I have to use positive thinking in hopes things will resolve on their own. I can't wait to eat something! Here's to me being able to digest some food in the next couple of days (hopefully tomorrow!)
After a few hours of having the stupid NG tube in; I find out that I have to move down 2 floors to another room. I was pretty bummed having to pack up all my things on my bed including my own toilet paper, computer, phone, iPod, books and so much more all stacked in my bed. It is always such a awkward move but we did it and once I got into my new room; in walks the man of my dreams with my beautiful sweet sheltie who didn't seem to care at all that I had this horrible thing hanging on my face. She was there to give me kisses of support and healings. My honey helped set up my room to my comfort where everthing I had was easy to find for me. What a great gentleman! I could be so lucky! More updates to come as I have this CAT scan tomorrow and we will see if this NG tube is able to get rid of all the barium without clogging up. All the best to you all!)
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Anonymous said...

Jayne, My heart goes out to you and I just wish I could take your pain away!! I know what it is like to be forgotten and starved, the head nurse where I was certainly got an earful from my mother and myself! Sometimes I wonder if they even LIKE people! You are lucky to have your honey there to support and watch out for you! I do hope you get to eat soon and its something yummy! I think of you every day and wish you well!
Love, Amy xo

l'optimiste said...

hi sweetie - I am thinking of you - sending you lots of hugs and as many 'positive thinks' as I can. That tube looks horrible and I am sure it hurts - and poor you, starving? Can't wait for you to be able to get home and EAT again.

Daria said...

Oh my ... I feel for you ... it just goes on and on.

I wish some of this would get resolved so you could go back to a relatively normal life.

MagicStarER said...

Hello my dear friend - I am sorry I have not been by to check on you - I have been very busy building some new websites. I am very sorry to see that things are difficult for you again. I was hoping things would be ok now that you were home from last time. Hang in there, girl! You are a breath of fresh air and sunshine to those who you touch. Including me! I pray that they can clear a path for you to go home again very soon and eat some pizza! Lots of love and prayers from me2you! :)

nat said...

I hope that everything went well today, and that they were able to get a good clear image so they can figure out their plan of attack!

That tube looks like a big nuisance. I hope you can get rid of it soon.

Big hugs CJ.

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