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Monday, July 20, 2009

Just another couple of days in the hospital...

Here's a goofy shot of me making the most of my stay here in the hospital being the dirt bag that I am (haven't showered or washed my hair since Friday!) Don't I look rough and yes I'm tough too! I will get through this and much more!)

Now this won't be the most exciting post, but I just wanted to give you all an update on how I am doing here in the hospital.

Being in the hospital is such a boring existence; the most exciting thing is having visitors (I do enjoy them and of course the phone calls from friends and family) and then there's being drugged up while watching movies.

I did get to speak with my main Oncologist/ Doctor today, and he is a very fantastic doctor to have and I was very blessed on that day fateful day on November 15th, 2002 to have him performing that dreaded debauking surgery removing what ever cancer they could. In fact he has operated on me during all of my 5 major surgeries. He is one of the best in the field or least that is the opinion of many. He's also young, he knows about many different cancer treatments for Ovarian Cancer and is also specialized in Gynecologic Oncology. Many of the ladies seem to think he is the hottest doctor ever but in my opinion he still doesn't hold a flame to my husband as far as I'm concerned. He's just a very good doctor and friend to have. I just don't have the sex drive to find other men attractive and that's the truth of it all. I can appreciate handsomeness but that's about it; I just don't have any desires to stray from my husband; I'm completely loyal to only him.

My doctor has followed me over the years and while we have many disappointing sessions with him where sometimes it all seemed hopeless and very scary indeed; we have also had much to be thankful for. While I have to be honest; I do often dread seeing him for fear of more bad news; today wasn't so bad. I am still OK to return back to work on Monday even though I will have to spend most of the week here in hospital. I was really hoping to have just a few more days of being home with my animals and being able to lie down by the pool and mostly just have a nice relaxing week; it's not going to happen until Wednesday or Thursday (that's when I might get to go home) or later. We may have to see first if I can even digest any food prior to going home since I am still vomiting up undigested food at night. (I did it again tonight)

Last night I also puked up quite a bit of undigested food and the nurses both agreed that if I were to get an NG tube inserted it would have to be a real big one and more than likely what I have in my system would most surely clog it. Since I'm not violently vomiting they don't feel that I need one!) THANK GOD! I'm stoked; I was sure that my doctor would suggest one but he seems to think that I don't need one just yet. He did suggest that I get an x-ray tomorrow morning to see where everything is going.

I also had to do a most unpleasant enema today and quite a bit came out (ewwwww!) But at least stuff is coming out and I hope this pain on my right rib area calms down; I kind of think that this is where the kink is near my stomach that is holding all of this food in. It's very scary to even think about but hopefully all of this not eating will begin to pay off. I'm so dam hungry that even fast food commercials are making me go mad! I want it all! But if it ends up stuck in my system what good will that do?

I did get to talk with this dietitian and I am excited at a new plan to try to gain some weight which involves ice cream and nuts! I do love nuts but I have to chew them until they are liquid or else I suffer in the worst way when they come out!( How unpleasant but those omega vitamins are good for me. I hope my system is able to absorb those. I'm still on NPO (nothing my mouth).

I was very much looking forward to my honey coming to visit me after work but evidently he had eaten at a Subway Restaurant that was experimenting with a new assembly line way of making the sandwiches more efficiently. What they failed to realize was that the meats were getting cross contaminated. With in a few hours of eating his sandwich during an important meeting; his stomach started churning and he had to run to the bathroom to vomit and it was a violent episode. He could not return to the meeting and he had to have a co-worker drive him home.

I did call the exact Subway location to let them know what had happened and for a manager to please call us back. Hopefully my poor honey isn't suffering as bad as I have been; I know I won't be eating at Subway anytime soon. I have met many who have also gotten food poisoning from Subway as well and their days of Subway have been long over. Maybe that's why Jared lost all that weight?

Well they did call my husband back and wanted a doctor's note to prove that he had food poisoning and he was hilarious enough to ask them how about I bring some of my puke to your store so that you can see for yourself how sick I got. He had only eaten a donut for breakfast. Yes, we plan to call the corporate office to find out more about their assemblyline way of making sandwiches and cross contamination of meats. OK enough bad mouthing Subway restaurants; I know not all are the same but I personally am not going to take those kinds of chances with my system.

Here's to both of us getting better and no one else getting that violent flu that's going around! Let's all be well and healthy if at all possible! Or better yet, let's be thankful for what we still have and adore in this lifetime!) (I hate doing a whole day not seeing my honey but at least I can talk to him on the phone!)

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Daria said...

Hard to believe you are still on for work on Monday ... take care of yourself girl.

Dennis Pyritz, RN said...

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Take care, Dennis

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