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Friday, July 24, 2009

A Failed Stint Surgery....upcoming Gastric Bypass...

Well this morning started about as usual as it gets for a surgery; I was pretty anxious and a little scared that something might go wrong. I had slept in until around 11:30 and then I was told a gurney would arrive shortly to pick me up and take me to my surgery. I was wheeled in the gurney into an operating room on the very same floor that I was on. As I entered the operating room I was introduced to the entire team who would be helping assist in the surgery.

I watched as the entire team prepared for surgery and did what they do best; some were stuck on the computer entering my information and double checking that everything was correct in administering what I needed for the surgery while others were staying close by and making sure that I was comfortable; checking my vitals, position on the table and IV.

Then Dr. Ready entered the room to take command of the surgery; she introduced herself and helped to calm me down of any anxiety that I have. She told me that she would make extra sure that I would be comfortable as possible during this surgery and that she had plenty of experience performing this type of surgery. I was kinda scared and just wanted to make sure that I wasn't too awake when the tubes were to go down my throat; she made me laugh as she said her middle name was sedation. She did warn me that it wasn't a sure thing this surgery would work but that she would do her best. I noticed that she had several hoses in her hand that she would more than likely use in order to try to suction out what was in my stomach.

She was very nice and cordial with me and explained very well what she intended to do; another surgery would be planned later on to insert the stint. During this surgery she would also be examining whether the stint would be possible to insert as well. She just needed to suction out all that was in my stomach which was apparently quite a bit.

She positioned me sitting very upright on the table while another gave me the injection that would konk me out for the rest of the afternoon. I would still be somewhat awake during this surgery. At that point I didn't quite mind sitting upright or that they were inserting such huge hoses down my mouth into my stomach; the suctioning started and then fluid just started oozing out my mouth and my nose and I just panicked. I thought I was about to drown in my own vomit and I started crying just trying to breath and they had to stop the whole procedure only getting out maybe 100ml of fluid out of my stomach. I think they had gotten out more prior to this surgery just doing the suctioning action with the NG tube. Yes, this surgery was a failure. There was still quite a bit still in my stomach but what was already in there had clogged the hoses that were already in my stomach. It was impossible to complete the procedure so it had to be stopped.

The procedure was stopped and I was then wheeled back into my room where I slept a good portion of the day. The other procedure was canceled to insert the stent and option number 2 which is to open me up and resection some intestine (Gastric Bypass Surgery) in a new area of the stomach. Now I will be more prone to stomach ulcers but nothing like the feeling of being a live and this being just another option so that I may eat somewhat normally.

What is odd is that this surgery is usually for those who are seeking to loose weight and I am with out a doubt the last person who needs to loose weight. I am still the same size as Paris Hilton; maybe a tad bit smaller but basically just as unhealthy a weight. Sorry I just feel that the media glamorizing that unhealthy weight as being beautiful is plain wrong. It's not at all sexy in my opinion. A woman's curves can be incredibly attractive and I used to have those sexy curves; now I just have bones, bones and more bones; hardly any fat at all. My honey still thinks I know for a fact that my weight is unhealthy and something does need to be done to show that women with more curves are extremely attractive.

At least now, I don't have to worry about all the many restrictions I would have had with that stint surgery. I would not have been able to eat many salads; carrots and celery out of the question and so much more.

My doctor came by around 5pm to talk to me about scheduling my second option of surgery on Monday afternoon and to sign the papers for the surgery. I didn't quite know that this surgery was the same as Gastric Bypass surgery or that this will be the same until my husband told me. I thought it was just another abdominal surgery. My doctor also explained all the risks involved; there are also many worries to be had with another invasive surgery and hopefully some tumors that are blocking my stomach can be removed or debauked during this surgery; not sure if the ones on my rib cage can be removed. As with any surgery risks are always involved and hopefully I won't be opened up nearly as much as the other surgeries but we will see. I will also have this other surgery to heal from and staples to remove; the whole 9 yards.

I have a raging kidney infection and nutrients to be absorbed this weekend just prior to this surgery. As it is right now, I'm not strong enough for a surgery as it is; too skinny, and too sick. I have also been getting fevers of up to 101 more than likely from the kidney infection. My pee is very gold, red, and very cloudy which is all the signs of a raging raging kidney infection; also the pain in my peehole is horrendous.

My honey stopped by with Miss Blue Belle and helped cheer me up completely. Forgive the very, very, let's just just say extreme nappy bedhead I'm sporting here!)

This will be just another boring weekend in the hospital with not much more going on; just healing and getting strong enough for my surgery on Monday.

I cried in my husband's arms as I told him about the scary surgery I had had this morning and he totally calmed me down and we spent some good quality time together watching "Dog Whisperer" and some news. It was nice just to lie down next to him even though we were not in own bed at home; we can at least cuddle and enjoy this good quality time together.

I don't have much of a view outside my window (just windows to other rooms). Miss Blue Belle noticed some action going on in the window across from my room so we had to snap this photo of her looking outside. It was so cute and she almost started barking but was a good girl and calmed down when we asked her too. What a good patient girl she was for that entire 3 and half hour visit. Those are the great things to look forward too this weekend are these nice visits from him and since it's the weekend; I get to call my mother and the rest of my family.

Oh GOD how I miss sleeping in my own bed! Hopefully by the end of next week this will happen. I promise to provide more exciting updates as the week progresses and this should be a quiet weekend where I need to gain the strength and get over this fever prior to my surgery on Monday. Here's to more healing and miracles!) Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!)

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nat said...

Shit. I'm sorry that you had to go through that CJ. It really sounds frightening. You, with your usual aplomb, handled it so well.

Build up your strength as best you can. I'm sending all my positive energy your way and I hope that they get this surgery done soon for you! The sooner you have the surgery - the sooner you can go home!

Please hang in there, and try not to get discouraged. This way they can get all the gunk out of you, and I know you will feel much better once you can EAT.

Big hugs

Anonymous said...

Jayne..I truly can't believe the hell you are going through right now - I had to stop and re-read so many sentences because it's just too much to take in. I don't know how you do it but you are my hero :)
I will be sending you all the prayers and postive thoughts I can for your up-coming surgery...I don't have a room mate right now in my hospital room and couldn't help but think how awesome it would be if you and I could be room mates - too bad we're so far apart!
Your hubby sounds amazing - I know how hard this is on my man too, so please give him a hug from me and tell him I think he's great.
Keep in touch..

ShoppingKharma said...

Becky I bet we would have a serious blast if we were room mates and you wouldn't even have to worry about me having such awful gas since I can't technically fart just yet! LOL! I know you had a roommate before that did just that. Wow you have been through the ringer quite a bit as well (and that is a major understatement!) and you are also my hero; you too NAT. Hope your treatments are done and you are in remission officially! Let's hope we all get to experience that! Here's to a cure in our lifetime!

Anonymous said...

jayne, my heart and prayers are with you during all of this...get better and healed so you can teach me to snowboard this winter! ok? i wish i would have been able to go with you when we were at gilead! blue is so cute and its great that she gets to visit you! i know how important daisy is to me, she is truly a lifesaver! you are also really lucky to have a wonderful man at your side, which is so comforting and eases some of your pain. get some rest and stay strong, everyone is thinking and praying for you! love and hugs to all of you...amy, dale, daisy, cally, cruiser and yukon...ill send you some pics of them! :)

Deb said...

Hi Jayne,
Just checking back to see if there was an update today....been thinking of you all day.....

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