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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ohhh So Sexy....

You know I have seen hundreds if not thousands of movies and photos with sexy men and this has to be the sexiest butt I have ever seen. This photo does not even do it justice; totally mesmerizing!)

I took a bunch of photos (not so many came out good on my iPhone) while my honey wasn't looking as he vacuumed these area rugs. I was feeling crappy on the couch last night as my honey vacuumed the living room, stairs, and all the rugs in the house, then he cleaned my kitchen, both bathrooms (& toilets) and then I got thrill and it made my bladder infection actually feel good for a little while. I got hot and bothered watching him do housework all around me. It was so cute!

He did serve his 4 years in the Army and when he cleans the house; he calls it a GI party. All the many things I treasure most about him!) We have one of those now twice a month. It could increase to once a week, but we will see. He's doing a fabulous job taking care of me!) I'm lucky even though sometimes it might seem like I'm not.

Notice: NO PLUMBER BUTT! I can only be so proud. It seems plumber butt is the new fashion statement that actually makes me feel so old. I'm that Old Lady that just can't get it; why is everyone wanting to show off their Plumber Butt? I can't get into plumber butt; not even for myself. I don't wish to punish anyone but them having to see my bony ass; or my fat ass as it got to be a few times; I even cover up my nephostomy bag most of the time.

UPDATE: My doctor did call me today with results of the culture from my urine test that I took on Monday. This particular bacteria strain is actually resistant to both Cipro and Septra. I got prescribed Macrobid which has been tested to be effective on this particular strain. I can't wait until it starts working. I have only taken 1 today and I also took a Septra this morning (4 pills total since Monday).

I am still having pain pee sessions (feeling like I have to pee, a little comes out and then youch!!!( What horrible pain and it makes me jump and scream every time. Tonto has not been digging this at all. I can tell he is worried about me and of course Miss Blue Belle. Can't wait for that medicine to start working! I am grateful that the pain isn't totally constant but for most of the day; I get that urge to pee and it burns!( I can be out walking around and then feel that urge to go pee and then nothing or a few drops come out. It's so painful! It's just a matter of time before those horrible bacteria is killed off and I can finally get some relief what I pee!)

I do have a little better control on the Projectile Organs lately. Still doing the Klonopin which is working pretty good for that painful crap to have to go through. Yes, it starts with having to go number 2 and then it gets more and more violent if I don't do something for pain right away. Maybe it's my intestinal system having an anxiety attack and that's why this is working for right now?

I did get a visit today from the nicest nurse (Ellen) and she had to release me today because I am now ready to be off home health. I can get around the house much better and can even drive myself places. From now on as far as the nephostomy bag is concerned; I will need to go to Interventional Radiology once a week for changing. This nurse was so full of heart, compassion, and just a wonderful person all around. Just another example of how I can appreciate wonderful nurses.

Now she has come over the last 3 times to change my dressing on my back of course Miss Blue Belle loves her and this time she thought Nurse Ellen had come over to see her instead of me. I had to tell Blue Belle to go sit on her rug until she was finished fixing me. As she was fixing me; I got to talking to her about my frustration with cleaning myself. It's almost like I'm not allowed to all because it forbidden for me to get my back wet. I could easily get a serious infection from those tubes.

The worst thing about this whole Nephostomy bag is not being able to shower. Right now I feel I just taking "HO" baths for that last few weeks and it's definitely not the same. I feel so dirty and disgusting sometimes. My honey always tells me that I'm not at all and still the sexy wonderful woman he married. No my bathing is not exactly like the Urban dictionary says it (that's pretty disgusting; but then again I haven't showered in weeks), but basically using a wet rag and going over it with soap and then a clean wet rag, then a dry off. I was able to sit in the bathtub (but not anymore since this infection = it's prohibited now). I want to shower so bad!

I can't get my back wet at all; and we will have to figure out a way to cover everything up. The nurse was so compassionate as I cried telling her of my frustrations of not being able to bath normally. She showed my honey and me how to change the catheter thingy on my nephostomy bag and just disconnecting it; cleaning and sterilization, then putting a dry wash cloth and wrapping it up with some plastic wrap, or one of those freezer bags cut just right to cover and taped. She was so full of wonderful ideas and even gave us her card if we needed any more help. She would do her best to help us; so incredibly accommodating to us. I guess she could see the love in our home. We will be trying some of those techniques tomorrow; I just have to be a dirtbag another night!(

I was able to wash my hair yesterday over the bathtub and can only do this about every 3 days. When my tummy was burning; it is very hard to do and sometimes my honey will help me if I ask him to.

At least I am not in the severe pain I was in yesterday. It's improved some for the time being. I'm still excited that I at least got aroused last night from a sexy man doing my housework!) Happy moments in life work for me; if it's just laughing, enjoying good conversation, or just sitting there relaxed and not feeling pain is good enough for me. I am still enjoying life and although much of this is scary; I still have HOPE in my heart that I'm going to get stronger and beat this disease!) Things will get better!)


DesignsByTracy said...

I am so sorry you are having to go through all this pain, frustration, and discomfort. It doesn't seem fair, no not at all. My thoughts are with you and although I just found your blog and don't know if you believe in a higher power, your post moved me to ask for blessings and healing for you. I am sending you good thoughts and good kharma.

P.S. you're right nice butt! :)

l'optimiste said...

love those pics of your honey! nice to have something to smile about - I hope that infection clears up fast babe

TC said...

I'm glad you are cherishing the happy moments, had to laugh about the plumbers butt, I love it when my husband is leaning over and I get to surprise him. LOL
Sounds like you are doing better, hope that nasty bladder infection goes away soon. Just take care!

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