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Monday, September 28, 2009

Pooch Hotel Grand Opening and more!

Well this weekend I planned to just have fun this weekend since I could. I'm controlling the pain the best that I can; sometimes I get severe pain in my lower left abdomen that just takes my breath away but I'm glad that I'm able to control it and writing down when ever I do take a pain pill or eat something. I have to keep track of what is going in my system each day and the food and pain diary is great for me to discuss with my doctors.
Well on Saturday, I took my neighbors daughter with me to the grand opening of the pooch hotel in Sunnyvale. It was a very fun event. We first started by walking in and we ended up going on a tour of the facility with all the little dogs which Blue Belle felt way more comfortable this way. She is a little shy of larger dogs and little dogs don't intimidate her as much. She got to check out the beds and she didn't get to see the saline pool which saline is better to clean this type of pool than the chlorine and it doesn't irritate skin either. How clever. We saw the work out facility which included a treadmill and another one in water. I might try to spend the day with Blue Belle here just exercising her; we will see how much they charge for that.

We went through the whole tour and then ended up in this one huge room where there was all kinds of free stuff. They offered chocolate Fondue over strawberries and a marshmallow, beer and wine, free samples of teas (I tried all 8 flavors), little tiny cupcakes of chocolate and a Red Velvet dream cake? I forgot the flavor but it was wonderful. I had 2 of them! Awwww they were awesome! They even had the best Blue Berry Coffee Cake! My neighbor was even mowwing on rice, beans, and cornbread. I didn't want to chance my system on that. I was full from the Chocolate covered strawberries and red velvet cake muffins. There were treats on every table to give to dogs and I had to refrain for Blue Belle's sake. You can really feel her ribs very good and she is a little over weight; mostly from lack of exercise when ever I am in the hospital. I'm working on it. She will be in tip top shape soon enough.

We walked by a dog getting a massage and Blue Belle stopped right there and smelled and looked up at the dog getting the massage and I had to pull her to move on. She kept looking up that way as if she were very interested. Me and Amanda had signed up for free manicures and we waited around for those while enjoying all the dogs that had walked in; all breeds of all colors to enjoy; there must have been over 100 dogs there the entire time we were there. It was really a cool event to be at and we were having a complete blast! We finally got our manicures and then Miss Blue Belle got her manicure and after she got her manicure; the woman who gave it; ran up to us and asked if she could borrow Blue Belle for a photo in the paper of her getting services. Since she grasped her hands while getting a manicure she felt Blue Belle had it in her for getting another manicure for the camera and for the San Jose Mercury News. Well we got the Sunday paper and she didn't make it in the paper but I got all kinds of excellent photos of her that would have worked for the paper.

After the manicure she set her sights on the massage once again. This time a beagle was on the table getting a massage and he started walking around all over the table; I asked the woman if there was a line for the dog massages and she told me that we could be next. A Shibah Inoo came up and almost got in front of us and Blue Belle got up and gave the dog a dirty look like "don't you dare break in front of me; I'm next!". It was surprising to see and then a huge Australian Shepherd came up and she did the same exact thing to him too. All of a sudden the dog on the table had enough of the massage so the masseuse picked him up and placed him on the floor with his owner and all of a sudden Blue Belle jumped up onto the table and was ready for her massage. It really surprised all of us; then a few people pulled out their cameras and started taking photos of Miss Blue Belle getting her massage. The masseuse was convinced that Blue Belle was indeed the sophisticated spa dog and knew how to enjoy a real massage. She loved every minute of it and I was the proud parent of such a well behaved daughter. I couldn't stop smiling as my dog had a blast getting her massage. I was enjoying the moment and it was enjoyable.

After her massage; she didn't want it to end but we walked out of the facility agreeing that was indeed a good time; we went home and my honey had cleaned the entire house. He dusted, made up the bed, vacuumed and even cleaned up my kitchen. I was so proud of him; I made a juice with the last of my veggies and fruits to hold me over and then we all went over to Black Angus for dinner. I just ordered sides which were easier for me to digest. I was such a cheap date; but that's OK; my system is now working better; I'm going to the bathroom each day now; not suffering in too much pain and feeling like I'm getting stronger. Perhaps this is due to be off the chemo. I felt so weak and of course it's been over 2 months since that huge surgery too; I'm healing and nothing is going to stop me now.

On Sunday I went to the Farmer's Market and got all kinds of veggies and some fruits to juice with my new juicer; I made a combination juice with Kale, spinach, Pear, Apple, Ginger, and Cantelope. It was good and had a bite to it and I finished all of it which filled me up. This juicer is a bit to clean but not as bad as my other juicer. I hope to use it everyday and perhaps using the waste for making soup or breads. I'm proud of myself for eating as healthy as I can and gaining a little bit of weight. I'm not up to 120 just yet; but I'm getting there.

Bodies in motion stay in motion! It was nice not to be focused on my being so sick and just having that feeling of healing myself and getting through all of this. My mind is so powerful and I'm going to use it to cure myself if at all possible! Peace and Love to all! More fun to be had for me!

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l'optimiste said...

amazing! you can eat! I loved this post. The photo of Blue Belle looking up at the masseuse is super.
Have a great week :o)

TC said...

So glad you can eat and have a farmers market nearby.
Loved the story about the pooch hotel and Blue Belle, she reminds me of someone else I know.
BTW I am like the ONLY person that cried for the movie hotel for dogs because of the way it ended. I'm a sucker for animals for SURE.

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