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Sunday, September 6, 2009

A fun flight in the afternoon and spreading awareness...

We had a good visit with Dr. Pan on Friday and then I didn't want to say anything about our private flight that we had scheduled with a friend for fear that I would be jinxed and end up in the emergency room instead of getting to go on a kick ass adventure with my friend and honey. Shewwwww! We got through that blockage on Friday night and didn't end up in the ER. Thank God! I was so thankful of that! Everything that we had planned for Saturday could go on! We were stoked! It would be that awesome day that we had dreamed of for so long!

We met my friend around 2pm and left around 2:30ish on my husband's first ever private flight in a small plane (he Blue got to sit in the back and enjoy the flight) and I sat in the front. There was quite a bit of turbulence in the beginning of the flight but boy was it a rush of adrenaline to see everything that we have seen so many times on the ground from up high. It was absolutely amazing and am so thankful for so many friends who help us out in so many ways. This was by far one of the most amazing things we have ever gotten to do together and I was so happy when my friend had emailed me and invited us to go.

Well back to the private flight a good friend of mine had invited us on. He has a great philosophy of life in that he is enjoying everyday that he has doing what he loves to do which is fly. On this particular day my little family (my honey, myself, and Blue Belle) got to go fly over part of the Bay area.

For this photograph alone, we were unable to fly into San Francisco because as you can see the fog had rolled in. But the Bay Area offers so much more. We were thinking of flying over San Francisco on up the coast to the North Bay; maybe stopping at one of the airports and then continuing on. It was cool just to just fly where ever we pleased. Me and my honey were just along for the ride and it was an amazing ride. We learned so many things and saw so much that my friend gets to see so often when he gets to fly over. It was a complete blast to fly right up the coast, then see the fog bank so we proceeded south towards Santa Cruz.

We got to fly over this really cool lighthouse at Pigeon Point just prior to flying over Santa Cruz. I was taking photos the entire time with my P80, just having a blast. I couldn't take enough. The views were absolutely spectacular! On this particular day there seemed to be a crowd of people at Pigeon Point Lighthouse and it was cool to see all the cars but I couldn't make-out the people but I got lots of great photos of this lighthouse. What a beautiful day to be flying over!

It was cool to kind of fly over Santa Cruz like twice to get all these really cool angles in the plane. God it was so fun! I know you must be tired of hearing how much fun we had, but we truly had a blast and will talking about this for years to come! We could see the rides were in operation and then see the sailboats that were docked on the Santa Cruz Yact Harbor and our favorite breakfast joint (Aldo's Harbor Restaurant) which happens to be very dog friendly and is also close to a dog friendly beach.

We continued on our flight over past Salinas where my honey got his motorcycle 2 and half years ago. Then we went over close to Tracy and Livermore and then saw some burnt land that Livermore Labs had purposely burned so that pilots won't fly over (confidential information?). It was interesting to see learn of places where pilots are prohibited from flying over and to hear the communications. I loved looking at the GPS and then to actually see the Highways that we were so familiar with; we have been on many commercial flights over the Bay Area and seen some of what it looks like from above. I have even looked at Google Earth, but seriously, it was nothing like this experience. This was one of the coolest experiences ever!)

I love it when my honey and I are able to have a good day like today where we make good memories that we can always reflect back on when the times are not so good. We have a tendency to do that. I didn't have as much pain (I medicated with the morphine before we left so I was good!),; we are having to do this more because I am trying my best to gain more weight with food so therefore my intestines are having to work and often it is very painful when they do have to.

We were able to be up in the air for a total of 2 or more hours? and not have any problems with my health. It was a miracle and I am so thankful that we got to experience this.

Blue Belle really enjoyed the flight. At first the turbulence scared her but once she got used to it; she was having a blast looking out both windows. I was laughing because we had to wear these headsets so that we could all communicate together; my honey was burning up because she kept wanting to sit on his laps but in the process she was warming up his lap to the point it got really hot and she was hogging the window so that he couldn't see out of his own window; but it just so happened that she preferred to look at what was on his side rather than her side. So this was an awesome experience for the whole family (except Tonto); he had to stay home and guard the home.

Well here is one photo of me enjoying the flight and of course I am wearing my L’Oréal Paris "Color of Hope" and "Hopeful Plum" lipstick and lip gloss. I wore some of the eye shadow but I'm not too much into wearing eyeshadow and haven't in years. This was a day to celebrate as this whole month is for Ovarian Cancer. I got my FedEx package (which included 2 HOPE Bags) from Rachel McKenney of L’Oréal Paris because I had decided to take on the challenge of being a "L’Oréal Paris HOPE Ambassador".

Over the years with my diagnosis; I had no idea that L’Oréal Paris was even a supporter of my type of cancer. In fact they have been a supporter of my favorite organization for Ovarian Cancer (OCRF) for over 12 years and a partner. Their efforts have helped raise more than $18 million for OCRF. Much of what they do is what is close to my heart and that is to raise more awareness of the signs and symptoms of Ovarian Cancer while educating women about the vague and often overlooked signs and symptoms of this very deadly disease. Many of the funds raised were for researching ways to discover an effective method of early detection the will hopefully, one day, also lead to a cure.

This year L’Oreal Paris announced the launch of the Hope Line (1-877-OV-HOPE-1). It was created in partnership with CancerCare. The Hope Line will provide counseling, support and financial guidance to those dealing with the difficult diagnosis of ovarian cancer.

"We are so pleased to help offer this vital service to women facing ovarian cancer,” states Elizabeth Howard, CEO, Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. “To have free access to knowledgeable and compassionate professionals will help so many women and their families who are dealing with an ovarian cancer diagnosis. With fi nancial support from one of our longtime partners, L’Oréal Paris, we are pleased to assist CancerCare in providing this type of one-on-one support to women when it is needed most.”

Color of Hope Cosmetics Collection – One again, L’Oreal Paris has designed a beautiful cosmetics collection featuring product for the eyes, lips and nails. Available during the month of September at national retailers, $1 from every item sold will benefit OCRF. L’Oreal Paris Consulting makeup artist (and Project Runway regular) Collier Strong has created two looks using the Color of Hope collection and you can share tips on how to get this look directly from Collier.

Color of Hope Cosmetics Bag: Featuring four of the collection’s products, the HOPE bag is available exclusively online at new partner drugstore.com. This meaningful way to give the gift of beauty also benefits our friends at OCRF through a $5 donation for every bag sold. I was actually provided with 2 bags for my participation as a HOPE Ambassador. (I gave the second to Amanda, my 14 year old neighbor) I love the lip stick and the gloss! The lipstick lasts much longer than my usual lipstick which usually only lasts maybe an hour if I am lucky. This one lasted even longer than my flight! Normally I am taking lots of photos of myself after I have applied lipstick and 9 times out of 10, for some odd reason; I won't have any lipstick on and most often can't even see my lips in the photos; I'm like a lipless person!

L’Oreal Paris is staying busy during this Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month by supporting and participating in the following events. If any of you readers live anywhere close to these communities, I hope you will be interested in participating in the following events.

  • T.E.A.L. Walk (Saturday, September 12, 2009): Join L’Oreal Paris in the first annual T.E.A.L. Walk in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. All proceeds benefit L’Oreal’s partner in this mission, the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. For more information, visit www.tealwalk.org.
  • Walgreens Times Square Beauty Day (Friday, September 18, 2009): Take a stand against ovarian cancer and join L’Oreal Paris for a day of beauty. Meet L’Oreal Collier Strong and receive complimentary Color of Hope makeovers by our beauty advisors.

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TC said...

Beautiful story and such a great trip for you all. I can see your lipstick BTW.
I used to fly every Sunday with my Uncle, it's nothing like flying in a jet.

MFA Mama said...

Dunno how much the L'Oreal had to do with it because you always look great but you look really pretty in the shots from the plane! I usually just use some tinted Burt's Bees but now you've got me jealous if that stuff actually stays on. Hmm...

MLO said...

The pics are sooo cool. That had to be a great trip.

WhiteStone said...

Seeing the ground from the air is a great experience. I've never flown in a small plane like this one, but I've flown many times across country and I always love watching out the window. It's amazing. I'll check out the L'Oreal.

lori b said...

you look beautiful! glowing and radiant beauty!

Unknown said...

Love the pictures and so happy for you that all of you could take the trip.

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