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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

UTI infections slowly improving....

Well, I am hoping I can keep those fevers at bay and so far so good (knocking on hard wood). The highest it has been today was 100.3 and that was this morning and now it nearly tomorrow (20 minutes). I'm still suffering from my extreme insomnia so I thought I would try to provide an update on how I am doing in the hospital and when I might just get out of here. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I get to go home tomorrow. Oh GOD I want to go home tomorrow! Please don't make me stay in here for another weekend!

My honey brought in Miss Blue Belle these last couple of days and it sure has made a difference in my spirit being in here. She cheers me up like no other with her smile, her foxy fluffy tail wagging, and just her presence. She is a gem and there's just something that has to be said about animal therapy in the hospital.

Whenever my honey arrives with Blue Belle, the whole hospital seems to brighten up. Many of the nurses stop him in the hall for some good old dog therapy and word quickly spreads that "Blue Belle is here!". Other nurses and doctors will quickly stop what they are doing and just stop by my room for just a minute or two or just enough for a kiss from her. She is a gorgeous little girl to look at and many can't believe how pretty she is. She has that presence about her that you just can't get your eyes of her.

Anyway, I did get bored painted my nails and toenails teal and I was heartened to find that my sister and law even had her toe nails painted teal also and with my initials on her big toes! Wow! I feel so honored! I'm letting everyone know that this month is teal month and that it is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month; Breast Cancer is next month. I keep reading about all of these Breast Cancer events and nothing for Ovarian Cancer; well you will see it here; too bad there isn't anything in San Jose or even in the whole state of California. Not too many know much about this disease that strikes so many women.

Well anyway back to being able to get out of the hospital (I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can at least get out tomorrow or Friday); I really would like to be able to go this year's Bark in the Park on Saturday at Naglee Park in San Jose. There will be all kinds of vendors there; I can get my honey a cool doggie T-shirt (he needs to replace quite a few = I accidentally stained a few of his good ones and would like to replace those). It should be a great time. The normally have herding events and if I get there early enough I might even be able to sign up Blue Belle to herd some ducks or sheep. Perhaps I can get some contact information of trainers so that I can take her to learn now to herd. She could bring Tonto in when ever I ask her too in case he gets out. That would be very helpful.

I did get to talk with my mother for a long time today (an hour using minutes) and my honey has offered to purchase a plane ticket for her to visit me. We finally got our first Tax Refund check in years. Our tax rate has reduced thanks to Obama's plan and we didn't pay as we have the last couple of years (quite a bit less because we are middle class = yeah!). I'm so happy that my mom will get to visit and maybe for Thanksgiving; we will be able to cook a meal together which we have not done in at least 20 years. We did get to spend a Christmas together in 2002. Here I am wearing my Christmas wig. My hair was falling out at this point and I was pretty damned bald at this point. My honey didn't care; he still kissed my bald head each and every night and he rubbed it for good luck. I thought it was very cute that he did this.

I also hope that I will be able to ride on the back of my honey's Harley on Sunday; quite an ambitious weekend I have planned; and all will go to plan if only my temperature stays down. I just got it taken and it was only 99.2!) What a relief! Still fighting that infection. So here's to no more fevers and me getting to go home tomorrow!


l'optimiste said...

good luck with the getting home tomorrow.

Check out Ovations Events for OC here:

I hope you are posting from home tomorrow!

Girl Holding On said...

am so glad your temp went down,hope you all get to go to park and have a great weekend together. Am praying for you. I went back to work this week and talked with your mom.Can you believe that she walked out of the door for lunchtime at work and a snake was right out side of the door.It wrapped itself around her leg and bit her on her hand when she tried to get it off! She just got it off and threw it. Not a bit upset. I would have had a fit myself. She's a brave person. So are you. Take care friend.

The Click Chick photography by jennifer said...

Hi I just wanted to say hi:) I dont even know how I came across your blog month ago. But I am praying for you. You are such a fighter and I admire that.I to understand where your coming from about no one even knowing that teal is the color of OC. My mother past away of OC when I was 22 she was 39. I have a tatoo that reads BELIEVE with the L in teal. I have to explain to EVERYONE what it is for! If it was pink everyone would know. Hang in there girl:)

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