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Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Severe Kidney Infection...

I awoke on Friday morning with a horrible back ache and severe nausea. I had no energy and just stayed in bed until noon. My best friend called me to check on me and didn't like the way I sounded so she called my husband to let him know I was in severe pain. I called my husband right after he had spoken with her and he came home immediately to take care of me.

We called the doctor and were able to go in a 1pm for an x-ray and then shortly after a blood test and urine sample. My husband had to push me in a wheel chair the entire time since my back was so incredibly painful; I couldn't walk. The pain level in my back was about an 8 on the scale of 1-10. It was absolutely miserable and not to mention burning like crazy when I peed.

We went up to see the doctor after the x-ray and lab work and he guessed from the lower back pain that I must have a kidney infection which can be very common in patients who are in the hospital for a prolonged amount of time. It's just one of the many bugs that are in hospitals and it could have even originated from the foley catheter being in me for nearly 2 weeks.

As I was sitting on the examination table the doctor helped me up so that he could feel my kidneys. Right when he pushed on the right side; I peed on the table just a little bit and I could feel the severe pain from the pressure. Both sides of my back hurt but mostly my right side. The doctor then sent us down to the lab for more blood cultures and a prescription for antibiotics (Cipro). He told me that we may be getting a call tomorrow to discuss results and if the best option would be to treat me inpatient or outpatient.

Well the very evening my temperature shot up to 103 and we dealt with it with cold compresses and Motrin. My honey was there by my side getting anything and everything I could possibly need. He filled up several of glasses of water and cranberry juice, medications, cold compresses, and more. I was thankful for being so thirsty as I downed 3 glasses of water and a glass of cranberry juice; then the nausea set in and I couldn't get drink another drop. This was essential in fighting my battle against this infection. I needed to drink more fluids to get this infection out of me.

It's been hard to try to be on top of the medications for pain, fever, and of course the infection and my honey has been helping me quite a bit with that. Friday and Saturday I sat motionless on the couch unable to move from the pain and being so drugged up; I just didn't want to move. My honey waited on my hand and foot and even helped me with this yeast infection medication. Now that's love!)

We received that call and indeed it was a severe kidney infection. We saw a doctor on Saturday who suggested we try to treat this at home since I had made such a miraculous comeback and even asked if we thought we could and of course any high fevers I would need to go to ER.

Well I got another 103 temperature twice last night and me being so stubborn pleaded with my husband to please not take me to the ER. I was pretty pathetic, lying on the couch freezing to death and burning up at the same time. My honey started to threaten me with taking me to the emergency room since I looked so sickly and nearly deadly as far as he was concerned. With that Blue Belle jumped up onto the couch and sat half way on my lap as if to say; "Please don't take my mommy away". My husband tried to get her off the couch, but she kept getting back on the couch; she was very, very serious. Even when he raised his voice at her and pulled her off the couch. She would jump right back up. She stayed next to me for most of the evening until Tonto got jealous.

I haven't eaten anything for 3 days and am surviving on juices; I will try my best to eat something today but not sure if I can even do it. Gotta try!) The Cipro has been coming up in my mouth and making a nauseating taste in my mouth which in turn makes all food taste sickly. I also have to take a combination of Extra Strength Tylenol for my extreme fevers and Vicodin for the severe pain in my tummy. (Pelvic, right side feels torn) - These are just the pains that I go through in a day!)

We are planning Easter Dinner with our neighbors today who love us dearly and are worried about me and my honey. This neighbor is the most amazing gourmet cook in our whole complex and we went over a few things last night to see if anything might work for me. I really do need to stuff my face (weighed in this morning at 112).

UPDATE: I had been running just a low grade fever for most of the day (100.5 - 99.8) that I should stay inside and my neighbor made the most wonderful meal in which she and her family brought over along with my husband. It felt so good to finally eat. a real meal. (blackened salmon, asparagus with hollandaise sauce, potatoes au gratin and then a strawberry pie for dessert!) It was so much better than an Ensure, soup, or smoothies!


TC said...

Glad you're feeling a little better and you had a good Easter dinner. I've had a kidney infection and compared to a bladder infection a kidney infection is like the worst flu and a bladder infection is like a mild cold. TAKE care.
Isn't Blue Belle funny. I know when I'm sick my dog wants to be with me all the time. He also watches for possible tears. I was blowing my nose after reading a dog blog and the story of an old dog that passed away and crying and he got really worried about me, animals know more than we give them credit for I think?

Mindi in Colorado said...

I hope you are feeling better. You have been through so much!! Please know that you are such an inspiration to me - you are in my thoughts and prayers.

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