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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another Pick Line...

Well today I saw the doctors and my dressing was cleaned; it wasn't so bad just a little yellowish infection running out of the wound. No fevers and my vitals have been normal. This is encouraging but I can't wait to eat; I am so dam hungry. Thought about eating my fingernails! Just kidding!) That's pretty nasty!

I would need to get a picc line inserted for feeding, (I had one inserted last time I was in the hospital only I was much more drugged up & don't remember it as much) taking blood cultures, and receiving my fluids. I got it inserted and that was a hard thing to do.

I had to get morphine, Percoset, and an Ativan because I am such a chicken monkey when it comes to pain from sharp needles poking major arteries. We got some photos of me getting the pick line but guess what? They are on my D80 Camera and I can't download them here until later; so yes this posting will be updated when I eventually get out of the hospital.

This photo will have to do of my final pick line in my left arm. Yes we tried my right arm and dam was that so very painful because the vein itself is still not healed from last time. It was impossible to insert. It's cool to watch because an ultra sound machine is used to first find that major artery in the arm which then leads to the heart. All of my nutrition will be absorbed through the blood stream therefore giving my bowels a much needed break so that my fistula and sore can heal once and for all and I can finally go home and eat to my heart's content!)

The whole ordeal is somewhat surgical in that I am covered with this blue cloth sheet and everything is sterilized. My arm has to sit sideways for an extended amount of time as this catheter is inserted and/or threaded into the large vein which leads to my heart. I can sort of feel it as it is inserted. On the right side it felt rough and rusty as it was being inserted and it hurt so bad. I was crying and trying my best to sit still and take it, but it wasn't working so we had to use my beloved left arm.

It takes about an hour just to set up for the whole process; bringing equipment and getting everything ready. My honey was there by my side holding my hand and calming me. I had my ear buds in and listening to my mellow rock and roll music which really helped; also being drugged up helped tons too. After the picc line is inserted and set up, then an x-ray is performed to make sure the picc line is placed in the correct position near the heart. Mine wasn't so it had to be readjusted. That was painful but I got through it. Now I can get my milk food tonight at 9pm. I hope it fills me up or satifies my hunger because it's pretty heavy duty right now. I'm even getting thirsty but I would rather be healed than to go through more hell!)

I was also told that the fluids would be decreased soon since I have been peeing more than most racehorses. (about 600cc every 2 hours from my left and 400cc out of the bag). That will be cool and I also got to get up and go on a walk. I really do feel strong and that I could easily go home from the hospital in just a couple more days but I still have to stay to be observed. It's understandable. While I was walking I heard my honey walking behind me with this beautiful fluffy dog. She had just had a bath and she felt so pretty. Miss Blue Belle was wagging her tail and smiling with her ears back to see me. We all walked back to my room for some love.

It was so awesome to have Miss Pretty Blue Belle visiting me and loving me. What awesome therapy than to have a pretty Blue Merle Shetland Sheepdog loving on me in the hospital. How could I not smile? We sat and watched some TV and then my honey had to go home; it was about 10pm last night and I was starting to nod off.

Check out these beautiful flowers that my dad sent me! My first flowers in the hospital (this visit). I have lots of people praying for me and lots of positive thoughts for my healing; maybe that's why I haven't had a temperature just yet which is absolutely awesome! That means the infection is healing. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!


TC said...

Your spirit is what is absolutely amazing, thanking everyone for their thoughts and prayers when we should be thanking you for such a view of courage (with humor thrown in too!). Hope all goes well and you get to eat soon.

Kia Taylor said...

CJ-you are the ultimate warrior princess. Thank you for sharing your journey and for allowing us the honor of joining you on the ride. You never cease to amaze me...continued prayers for no fever, no infection, pee bag gone, and all the food you can eat...VERY SOON!!



Patricia said...

Fight Back, Awesome brave you have

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Patricia said...

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Mischa said...

I'm looking forward to seeing you soon, once you've recovered, which I am sure will not be long. I'm happy to hear the mean doctor is being so wonderful now.

As always, feel free to call or have your husband call if I can help with anything. You're so wonderful, and we're looking forward to your triumphant return to the carpool!

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