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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One Month Anniversary...

Today happens to be the one month anniversary since my 5th major abdominal surgery. What a month this has been and so many times since I have been home not quite the same amount of time as I was in the hospital; we've nearly had to go back several times because of fevers and infections. I had extreme temperatures, fights with my honey about not wanting to go and gotten through quite a bit in just a month.

Well that all changed this evening when I started having some extreme diarrhea. I started getting horribly painful anal spasms and had to take Ativan and Vicoden to rid myself of this pain and of course several nice shallow hot baths to relieve the pain on my poor tush. Well about 5pm as I was sitting relaxing in the tub; I noticed all of a sudden this yellow milky slimy infection stuff just oozing out of a hole in my incision area. It freaked me out so much. Just as I was getting up out of the bathtub to grab a towel and some bandages; in walks my honey.

I lied down on the bed as he cleaned the area and bandaged it up. Miss Blue Belle could tell something was wrong as she sat on my right side as my husband was on my left side. She was seated leaning against me as if to keep me from getting up and leaving. At that time; it was just a very small hole; maybe the size of large Sharpie pen point. We couldn't even see inside the hole and we immediately called our doctor and left a message.

As my honey hurried to take Miss Blue Belle out for a pottie break, I called the advice nurse who had me on hold for over 20 minutes. By the time I reached a nurse; my honey took over and then the doctor advised us to come into the emergency room.

We arrived at the emergency room and thank God it wasn't that busy. They took us right in. I got a temp room in about 10 minutes so that I could see a doctor. I was praying it would be something simple and that we could go home with in a few hours but in all reality it certainly wasn't.

In walked this huge brute who would be my emergency room nurse. He was quite forceful with me. He wouldn't even allow for me to tell him which of my veins were not good; he pretended to listen but then instead he brutalized my arms and I pleaded with him to please save my 1 good vein for my blood tests; but NO WAY was he going to do that. He just didn't have any talent enough to find another vein. It was much easier to just brutalize me.

The doctor had requested that I get a CAT scan and the huge brute wouldn't even allow for me to take the shot glass of the CAT scan fluid with the water chaser as many other nurses had allowed me to do. I bet he got off watching me get sick trying to drink the whole CAT scan fluid mixed with water. I didn't like this nurse at all even though my husband and him talked military he should not treat patients like they are merely test subjects or inanimate objects. That's exactly how I felt. He criticised me for telling him how to do his job and he even made it painful when he used my 1 good vein.

I did get to speak with several doctors and they all looked at my strange wound. See that whole there; that's what I speak of. It got bigger and bigger but it has this strange fettichinni (I can't spell; it's an Italian noodle) looking cloth stuff with medication to soak up infection.

I finally got admitted to my own room upstairs and the doctors came and examined me once again to change up the dressing some more. What they had explained to me was that there could be a deeper infection deep inside.

The body has it's way of communicating and this little infection here could communicate with other parts of the body or looking for more areas to infect.

To Be Continued....

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