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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Home sweet home!

Well I made it through my last night having to take a sleeping pill because of all the anxiety of wanting to come home. There is no way I was sleeping on my own. I talked on phone past midnight with my honey as we often do.

No fevers, no elevation in white counts but I still have to take care of that JP Tube and the GI tube which makes that swish noise when ever I happen to get up. I got the Pick line pulled out which is a line that I had to use for intravenous feeding and much, much more. Even blood draws, it had quit working earlier but started again mysteriously just yesterday. It was a miracle! Espy a very good nurse had made it work again. I had so many great nurses to thank for my recovery; Rosa, Sylvia, Adonis, Oliver, Avita, June, and so many others I can't remember all of their names. They loved me and I love them!)

I now walking around my own home with a cane because my tummy is still so very sore from having all of those staples taken out and from having these tubes hanging of me; the stitches do pull on my skin quite a bit. It's pretty trippy.

I'm so very happy to finally be at home and my pets can't even believe I am finally back home after 2 weeks and 2 and half days! I got to eat Sushi (take out) Yes, I can eat what ever I like but I will keep simple and sweet. Miso soup galore and simple rice with seaweed, salmon, and some tuna. YUM!!!! My eyes were so much bigger than my tiny little tummy. I couldn't even eat half of what I had ordered; just a few pieces but all of the miso soup. For dinner, I just made myself a simple protein shake with plenty of calories to hopefully put some meat on bones.

My honey went to watch another hockey game and so deserved it. He helped me in so many ways; cleaned the house, did laundry, cleaned my kitchen, vacuumed, and waited on me hand and foot. I'm hobbling around with a cane and having a hard time with these tubes. They are very painful and hard to take to take care of so far.

My bottom is finally working. Passing gas and pooing is a gem! I just can't get over that my body is finally working. I'm so happy I didn't have to get a bag and we were able to save my intestine. It's fixed for now; I just have to have to watch my tummy very carefully. There is a bump right at my belly button that we are watching.

Now the recovery and I'm so happy to finally sleep in my own bed!) Thanks so much for all the prayers and good thoughts! It's working and I got to go home and still can't believe it. Neither can my pets. Tonto has been following me around everywhere. I go upstairs, he's right there. So is Blue Belle; they are both watching over me.

UPDATE: I almost forgot, I downloaded my photos from my D80 and they are now posted with a little description of each dog in the post labeled "More Pet Therapy For me Please". Hope you enjoy!


nat said...

WELCOME HOME!!! I know your pets were thrilled to see you!!

Theresa said...

So glad you are finally home!!

Hope you enjoy or enjoyed that

I Know how those tubes running out of you can be. I slept on the couch with a broom stick stuck under the cushion for my bag to hang on(mine was draining infection out of my abdomen, i had it for a week). I was freaked out!!! My honey slept on the couch with me every night. It was the most uncomfortable thing in the world having to sit up and sleep every night! I was always afraid I would pull it out in my sleep, even though I know, it was in there good!!! lol, Freaking really good! FREAKY !! lol

But, glad you are home with your honey and your pets and YOUR BED, lol. Keep us posted on your progress. I hope you heal well and fast!

Luv ya

Mindi in Colorado said...

I just found your blog - what an inspiration! I was diagnosed in October 2008 - I know I am only at the beginning of my fight. I have a blog too: http://updatesonmindi.blogspot.com.
Good luck rooting for the Sharks this year (from a diehard Avalanche fan)

Sara said...

Welcome Home!Yeah! Enjoy your sushi!

Take Care

Sophie said...

i happened upon your blog a few months ago and have been riveted ever since. you are truly an amazing person and i'm thrilled that you are home and doing better. i look forward to your ongoing posts.

ShoppingKharma said...

Thank you all so much! My goodness Theresa we sure have this parallel universe. I hate those dam tubes; can't wait until they are gone. Walking around with a cane sucks but I'm getting by. Wow a broom, I think mine must be shorter; I couldn't imagine if that broom fell over. Eeek!
I just pin it to my t-shirt which actually works a little better than that stupid hospital gown. I still feel tugs which kind of terrify me. I have a whole 8 days left to take them out.

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