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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fluoroscopy / Radiation Burns and more....

This hot tumor on my tummy now makes more sense. Since it has been feeling like a burn (sunburn or scalding burn) I put 2 and 2 together. I got lots of x-rays that day I was getting my fluoroscopy scan. Heavy, heavy lead is used to protect only my legs and of course the radiologist having to go into a totally different room to take the photo ("Breath in") What about protecting my boobs? Nothing I remember was even put on top of them? Yes, I am just thinking of this just now. Just my hips and legs protected?

I am just thinking of all this but the burn has gotten progressively worse as the week has wore on. I wonder about the poor tissue inside that may be burned? I don't care much about the tumor but what about my poor bowels?
Here are a few articles I just researched on x-ray burns or fluoroscopy burns.





Well back to this hot swollen spot. I have been icing it and it seems to help some but the burning is just unreal. It's also very swollen and looks as if I have an alien in my tummy. My temperature is normal and we didn't freak so bad with it being normal (thank God!)

My honey's family is here to visit and its so wonderful to see them again. I haven't traveled in a few years mostly because of my medicine and worries that the stress of flying might cause some problems in my intestines or being away from my dog. How stupid right? She calms me and it would be nice to have her with me calming me and all those around me with her cuteness.

Anyway its always great to hang with family and of course them seeing my tummy was a little uncomfortable and scary probably for them. My honey was convinced I needed to go to the emergency room and I just didn't feel like spending my evening waiting and waiting even in pain thirsty, hungry and knowing that I won't get to eat or drink for days. That's how I always think of the emergency room. So many things in life to do and to be stuck here. I cried a little in front of the family and assured my honey I felt OK and I just want to experience this tour and not be spending all night in the emergency room. Yes, my tummy looked exceptionally bad but I just wish to live on no matter what. Pot will make it OK for right now and it did.

Well anyway we went on our flashlight tour of the Winchester Mystery House at 11:59pm group 48!) last night. I had eaten a hash oil brownie (a piece of one)just prior to leaving in order to help me with the pain and to get me through this tour with out feeling as if my guts were going to fall out. Oh and did that work so great! We had a good time; it wasn't the hype but I can say I have done it (a midnight flashlight tour of the Winchester Mystery House!)

As you can tell from the photo of my badly burned tummy it appears to be going down some (using ice and aloe). We will see and till them more fun to be had!)

UPDATE: We are heading to ER tonight. My temperature is at 101.1 and we will be waiting and waiting and waiting for as long as it takes. Here's to another recovery!)


l'optimiste said...

CJ - get yourself to the ER girl. I know what you mean about sitting there starving etc, but I am sure if they see the burn, you won't wait long. Better for them to see and help you.

And I know what you mean about your dog - I SO miss my cats....

hope it's better by now sweetie

lorib said...

keep us updated...
thinking about you and sending healing wishes....

Theresa said...

I hate waiting on updates!!

Hope you are doing ok !
Thinking about U here in SC.

Tracey said...

Let us know how you get on matey.. i had internal radiation burns inside my lady bits!! not pleasant at all.

Thinking of you xx

Al Hetzler said...

I sure hope you took care of this. I was burned badly jan of 2010. 2011 I was flown to SLC UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL for surgery. I took 11 months and 14 doctors b-4 I diagnosed it my self. Here it is 2013 and I still haveproblems. Al

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