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Friday, March 6, 2009

The Big Scan....

Well this scan definitely did not take thousands of photos as I was told but it is called a Fluroscopy Scan and it basically takes photos of the digestive process. My process takes much longer than just 2 hours. To start with I had to consume 2 1/2 bottles of Cherry flavored barium stuff. They seemed half full compared to the usual banana flavored CAT scan barium solution. They also gave me a funky big straw as if I were wanting to have fun and pretend it was a Big Gulp!

I almost had to wear a gown but instead I wore my CAT scan pants (warm comfy pants with out any metal) and just a little t-shirt. It was so freaking cold but thank god I wore my sweat shirt and a jacket. I would go in and lie on a cold cold table with just my tiny little t-shirt. After 3 times (1/2 hour in between); I asked the nurse? (not sure what she is called nor did I think to ask!) if we could place a sheet over that extremely cold table and she obliged but little did I know I would need a bunch more photos/scans. In fact after the 3rd scan; and that was at 10:30 they really thought that the whole digestive process was over because it appeared that the solution was indeed going through my large intestine.

Oh! but no! It wasn't, I had to go to another x-ray machine thingy for about 3 more scans each 1/2 hour apart. Now these were exactly like an x-ray. I had to hold my breath while they shot 1 single image at a time. I think in all I must have taken about 12 shots or more (is that what they call them?) It sure seemed as if they were shooting photos; just 1 at a time. I was there until 2:30pm (8am -2:30pm); so 6 and half hours is still better than the 8-10 we thought it would be!

Now during all that time; I got to massively almost catch up on that Medical Terminology class. I was so seriously behind (2-3 chapters) I actually had fun with all that waiting. I had more than enough to do with all that free time. I was learning about all kinds of fascinating stuff and I did cry just a few times just worrying about that cone shaped thing on my tummy. I was mostly afraid that I might need some emergency surgery and I would have to have a colostomy bag. I know it's not the end of the world, but why can't I cry about that? Those little 30 minutes waiting in between each of the scans just wasn't enough for me.

I did pray to god when I was walking the halls trying to get the solution through my system that I don't die sooner and in hopes that my husband and I will get to grow old together. I hope he doesn't think that 40 is old because that is my next milestone I hope to make. June 2010! Then it's 45 and 5 years at time after that! They are all gifts!)

I did get to talk with a real doctor too who examined my funky little cone shaped thingy on my tummy. He felt it and asked me lie on my left side and even touched it (cone shaped what ever) with this bad minton paddle looking thing with this half ball looking thing. It almost looked like a bad mitten paddle; only it had a half ball looking rubber thingy on the paddle part.

I was lying underneath this scan thing or x-ray which had another huge off - white half ball under it (actually his was blue). The doctor then placed the heavy duty curtains (short heavy rubber ones) up as he peered through at my intestines (probably on a camera). There was no bowel in what he felt protruding out so it must be a tumor.

Now that cone shaped thingy on my abdomen (not sure what it is and more than likely it is a tumor); it isn't obstructing any shit (no pun intended) so we are not going to worry about it. It does still sort of feel like its burned and pinched but I'm OK to wear my girdle on Sunday and Monday when we go snowboarding! I have plenty of weed to get me by thanks to Good Kharma! That so helps me! Thank god!!!! I'm not going to get arrested either because it's legal for me! It should be for other patients as well especially if they too are facing GI problems and have that occasional "cancer pain".

Now at first, many of the radiologists were a bit concerned with that potruding thing coming out of my tummy and I'm so relieved that the head doctor spoke with my oncologist about this funky thing. They actually had a conversation together about the whole thing. Not worried about it!!!! Yeah!!!!!) We will be scheduled an appointment sometime next week to go over the results of this scan but for now I get to have lots of fun and I am not about to worry! We also have to clean up my piggy house for our family coming to visit!


nat said...

Oh I am so glad that you do not have an obstruction! I am sorry that you have to deal with a new 'thing', but know you will continue to battle this with grace and a deeper understanding of what is really important.

I hope that you have a wonderful and exhilarating snowboarding trip!

l'optimiste said...

have a great trip cool chick! So glad you weren't rushed in for surgery and that you were told not to worry.

I am so impressed with how you handle all this crap - oh, and crying? Most people would be screaming, so I think you're allowed ;o)

You and Nat make me braver

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