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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Infection in my JP? & another Blood Transfusion..

I had a better night on Friday night/Saturday morning with the pain and the Epidural being taken out really made a difference. I was still getting some back spasms but it was nothing like having that Epidural; my pain level is now maintained at around 6-7 and yes getting used to the pain.

My doctor was concerned about some infection coming out of my bowel from one of the JPs (a brownish goo was coming out of one of the suction thingys) so we doubled up on the antibiotics and then turned back on the feeding tube.

I did everything I could (Doctor's orders) to get better. I used this Triflow Device of which there is absolutely nothing at all on the internet about this device so I will explain it.

This Triflow device is supposed to help strengthen my lungs after after having this major, major surgery and preventing my lungs from callapsing.

I am to use it 10 x's a day and to keep the breath even. You suck in air and try to keep little yellow plastic thingy in the Happy Face area. My honey had me doing it all wrong in the beginning and was even cracking whips to get me to do this every 5 minutes = 10 breaths. He felt so bad when he found out this wasn't so. I wasn't really showed how to do this thing but I figured it out on my own and therefore feel that I am getting stronger.

On Saturday, I had the most wonderful sweet nurses ever; can't ever remember their names!( She was amazingly supportive and at 7am I tried my best to get up for a walk. I didn't understand it, but I did a tiny little block lap (maybe 20ft) and I was exhausted. I had no energy and completely out of breath.

Then the old OBGYN doctor arrived shortly after to check on me. Now a couple of years ago, I had an anxiety attack before when he had arrived as guest speaker to my Cancer support group. Most of us were all new to the treatments and diagnosis just wanted to have faith and hope to beat this disease and he basically got in front of the room and practically spit on all of us. He basically told all of us that we would all die in just a few short years from this disease and spoke of all the unsuccess stories of curing this disease. I was appalled at how negative he was and still is. Back then I was hyperventilating and crying when I got home from my meeting and I never went back to another meeting ever again.

Anyway, this same old doctor came into my room and didn't recognize me right away until I told him I was a 6 year survivor and who I was. He remembered me and I am so incredibly thankful that he has never worked on me and that he was never my doctor. My ashes would already be spread on Homewood Mountain years ago if he was. I'm so grateful that he isn't. He really does have the most horrible bedside manner of any doctor I have ever met. He had this air about him when he came to see me and it was superior and not in any words did he did say but it was his reactions as if I were on my death bed but it just appeared that way.

I told him my surgery was great and he interrupted me to tell me that I had a bowel infection and something else, but once he left the room; I started panicking and crying and couldn't get a breath in. I pushed my call button and the nice nurse along with another one came in and comforted me, giving me oxygen and then an Ativan to calm me down. They both just held me in their arms and comforted me until I calmed down.

I did try to walk around again after that anxiety attack and then I napped for a couple of hours. I also felt as if I had coughed up a few fetuses which really freaked me out. The nurse reminded me that this was indeed from the surgery and the tubes that had been inserted down my throat.

Another nurse came in to check my vitals and they realized that I was incredibly anemic and in serious need of another blood transfusion. I got the blood transfusion all night long on Saturday and of course suffering from horrible insomnia I got in all about 4 hours of sleep. The doctor did not wish to give me any ativan for sleeping because of my hallucinations. They weren't scary at all; just fun!

The infections seems to be clearing up but I am still getting low grade fevers at night. It frightened me that it had climbed to 100.8 but since the JPs are starting look clearer and bowel sounds are getting better. I am just starting to be able to burp but passing gas has not happened yet. Oh how I wished I could fart!!!)

Check out my bag of milk which I am getting nutrition intravenously (no pressure on my intestines). Also this morning I got extremely pissed at my nurse for just giving me a burning shot right in my tummy. We have been reserving my legs for this Anti-coagulant (twice per day) those tend to have the most fat for my body. My poor tummy and I shrieked in pain and in shock that she would do such a thing. Everyday that I have been in the hospital and having to get these shots, we had been doing them in my bony arms but they are all bruised and in pain so the legs are a must. I got not warning at all and I stayed mad at her all morning long and finally I called her in and told her that is no way to treat a patient such as me. I have been opened up 5 times, I'm drinking food intravenously, because my intestines just happen to be where she shot me. I accepted her apology and I feel she had to had to have learned a valuable lesson.

Yes, determined to get out of here and begin that new lease on life. OK, yes, I have had quite a few of those; but in all just very grateful to be alive.

I will update in a few days as I plan to get better with each passing day! My honey and my pets wish for me to be home taking care of them and I wish to be as well!)


l'optimiste said...

Oh CJ, you seem to be having so much pain and so many thoughtless people 'looking after' you! I am so shocked about the tummy shot and the hideous negatve doctor! Incredible. Thank goodness you have your own posotive energy, as it doesn't seem that the staff are giving you any.

I hope you are getting stronger every MINUTE. Can't wait for you to be out of there...

big cyber hug babe

Kia Taylor said...

CJ-I'm so glad that you are in control of your own health and are able to put those people in their place. You should be required to pass a personality test in addition to any medical boards needed to be a doctor.

Blowing in that tube thingy really does help get your body back on track, it even helps to regulate your temperature...Sending you many, many, hugs!!

By the way, you'll think this is funny...I had know idea that CJ and shopping Kharma wre one and the same...that facebook board moves so fast...not sure if I'll ever catch up!!


nat said...

I have not had an epidural - and now, I know that I DON'T want one... Thank you as always, for teaching us something through your experience.

I am also glad that you explained to that nurse about having some common courtesy before giving you a shot! Again - always teaching! ;)

I want to smack that ob/gyne. What an ass.

Heal well CJ. Keep us updated on your progress, and on your reunion with Blue Belle!

Big hugs

Mischa said...

Hey you! Wishing you speedy recovery and kind, loving nurses. We miss you, and please let us know if we can care for Tonto and Bluebell for you and your husband in any way.

Your seat is still waiting for you when you return,

- mischa

ShoppingKharma said...

Awwwww! Thank you all for all of your warm vibes and healing thoughts. They seem to be working.

I have made sure that I never get any more bad apple nurses again. I called the Nurses Services and told them of the nurses I wish to never get again. They could tell I was very honest and sincere and that I don't wish to suffer through any more unnesssary suffering.

These last few days all of my nurses have been very sweet and loving to me. I'm not afraid to look any of them in the eye and for them to see my compassion and fight in my soul and in wanting nothing more than to get better and be home with my honey and pets!)

I am getting stronger with each passing day; the JP is no longer emitting juices (will 1 is but not much).

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