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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ooooo the Poo out of my feet...What it looks like....

Well early yesterday morning I was up at 2:30am with severe abdominal pains and we honestly thought that I might need to go to the emergency room. I was crying, doubled up in pain and in the fetal position as I was keeping my husband up who also needed to go to work early the next morning. Even though his work day was only for a half day, he would still need to take me to my chemo treatment at 1:30pm.

Sometimes these late night pains pose a problem for him especially if he has to go to work early in the morning. Well this morning was no different as I was forced to get out of bed and to turn on my vaporizer in order to relieve myself of the extreme pain of this abdominal blockage. After inhaling the steam from the vaporizer, I then got incredibly thirsty and so I drank some prune juice, water, and some Miralax. The pain slowly dissipated and I was able to go to the bathroom and relieve myself of the pressure in my abdomen. How pleasant! I hope you consider yourself lucky that your life doesn't revolve around pooping because mine does!

Well I did have chemo yesterday and then directly after my chemo treatment, I went over to the salon (Lynn Kelley) for my Detox Foot Treatment. It has been several weeks since I last got a Foot treatment.

Well I know that I have been meaning to get over there for a treatment but have been so incredibly busy lately that I haven't been over for the treatments (even though she isn't charging me for them) and this is her gift to make me feel better - what a sweet lady she is!

Well now for those disgusting photos of the poop that came out of my feet!

This photo was taken about 8 minutes after the treatment started.
Here is what the detox table said:


This photo here was taken towards the end of the 30 minute treatment. Now look at all the foam and believe it or not, most of the color in that was a mixture of blackish blue and some little metal flakes that gathered at the bottom. Boy it was a trippy experience seeing how badly my body needed to rid it self of those toxins! I bet I sleep better tonight!

Ewwwwww! Gross!!! Look at all that stuff! Can you believe that this really did come out of my feet? I am definitely not lying, it really did and this is my evidence. Check out the finished product! It really did look as if I had just done a very nasty diarrhea right there in that tub only it came out of my feet! Wouldn't that be awful to be walking around in your shoes and then all of sudden it feels like your socks are wet and to top it off, white socks are turned to muck? I'm so glad that doesn't actually happen. What's really cool is thank God it doesn't smell like actual poop. I got up the nerve to smell this and it does kind of have a heavy metal, sulfurish smell. Still kinda stinky! Weird, huh?

After my detox, I really did feel an intense light headedness and I felt light on my feet (no I'm not gay, my feet actually felt lighter as I walked). When I walked, I felt as if I were walking on clouds. Now I'm sold. I really encourage others to at least try this form of detox. Another thing that I also notice is that my skin up after such a treatment.

After I got home from my detox treatment, I crashed and burned. I slept several hours and that's just what happens after each infusion treatment. (That's why I didn't get to blog yesterday!) I think its because of the drugs in my chemo. I awoke to seeing this beautiful bouquet of flowers that my husband neatly laid next to the couch (yes I crashed on the couch). These flowers came from my carpool buddies at work. They promised to keep my seat warm for me when I get back on Oct. 21st!
How Sweet! I love you guys!

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Jason said...

WoW! What post, I hope that you are feeling better today and I am glad that the procedure with your feet went well. It is amazing to see how many toxins can pile up in your body. I pave your path to recovery with prayers everyday. Well, I just wanted to say hi:) I am off to watch more of the developments on the financial crisis and let's see if John McCain shows up at the debate! OH and the Sarah Palin interview yesterday with Katie Couric was so unimpressive! Talk to you soon and keep on the sunny side!


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