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Monday, October 26, 2009

Trick or Treating for Dogs?....

Well we had been planning to take Miss Blue Belle trick or treating and at least get her a good enough costume to compete in a real costume contest; unfortunately she did not even place in this one. There were so many creative individuals out there who went all out. Please do check out some of these photos of some of the best. (sorry about this photo of her peeing; I happen to think it's very hillarious looking)

Of course Miss Blue Belle was to be an Angel because she is after all the Angel that she is. I had originally ordered her an angel costume from a company called Five Star Fido.com a little over a week and half before the event and the costume just never arrived on time. They were back ordered on everything that I had ordered and did not even email me to let me know that they were. I actually had to go into their system in order to find that out. It was even very vague on the status of her costume. I didn't like the customer service at all until I had to write to them to find out why they never emailed me to let me know that the costume would not arrive in time for the event. They had assured me that it would (according to them it had already shipped days ago); but it still hasn't; however I can return it all (entire order). I ended up just canceling the whole order all together; they do care but apparently but they are so backed up on orders that new orders do not take much priority. Most companies these days surprise me with such fast service where as items I order usually arrive the following day or no longer than 3 days after. I've just gotten used to that kind of good service when ordering on line. I have never had to deal with a company where it took this long to receive an item (it's now Monday and it still has not arrived!). Their email back to me was very friendly and apologetic; I do know they tried.

Since the costume never arrived on time, on Saturday (day of the event), I went out and got Blue Belle a costume at a huge Party Store. I got her these medium size feather wings (they matched perfectly with her white mane) and I made her a little halo out of this sparkly wire material. I kept having to fix and adjust the Halo most of the evening and finally we got it right. It stayed perfect for about a whole entire hour or so. I also bought some glitter hair spray which did not work at all (all it did was make her wet and sticky at first and then her hair was kind of stiff= no pretty sparkleys at all!).

This Trick or Treating / Costume Costest event was sponsored and put on by Society Dog which happens to be a very awesome social club for dogs and their people. The Trick or Treating and Costume Contest was held in Los Gatos, CA. We mostly walked the main drag with all of the other dressed up pooches and at first Miss Blue Belle did not much like wearing a costume at all and then she finally warmed up to it when she could hear many doting people saying "awwww look at the little Angel!". This was repeated all through out the night and she loved every minute of it!) After a while she started recognizing the word Angel and wagged her tail at who ever said it as if this were her new name!)

She walked so proudly in her costume because she could see all of the other dogs were also wearing costumes; so she immediately felt right at home and certainly not left out. I think she must have thought her costume was the very best one!) I could tell that she liked her costume and of course all of the compliments that went with wearing it. So many people stopped to pet her, photograph her and to give her some love. I was very pleased with the results of her costume and so was my honey. We all matched!)

I put together an interesting ensemble with some tights I know I have possessed for years; only never opened; spider web tights, Roxie cargo pants, a hippy shirt, and some Mardi Gras Beads? It worked and turned heads. My honey kept hearing women say "did you see those tights?". I have literally had those tights in my closet for years and never opened them. I had gotten them for going to a Halloween Party and just never used them. Well they certainly came in handy tonight!)

My honey wore his Dr. Evil Shirt so maybe the three of us didn't make too much sense to the judges. One did like her costume quite a bit. She and another Sheltie were the only Angels out of the whole bunch.

Many of the shop keepers stood outside and handed out doggy treats to all the doggies who were dressed up or not dressed up on the main drag. Many had tried to give Blue Belle a treat but I usually had to take it and put it in her treat bag since she is such a slow eater. She always had to find a place to sit down and then takes her sweet time enjoying it. What a lady she is!)

Here she is wishing she could ride in this ship made out of a doggie stroller; this one placed. She actually followed this stroller for a little while and then we continued around just checking out all of the dogs in their costumes. I think what the judges were looking for was a theme for the owners and the dogs and me and Blue Belle must not have had a theme that was blending very well together. An Angel and a Pagen? I have no idea what my costume was except for Halloween Style? That's what me and my honey called it.

We also found this cute little Pomeranian who also placed and she just sat there posing for photographs. I think this little dog just had a knack for posing and just ate it up for everyone stopping to photograph him or her? She does look quite cute in the little hat and wears it well and of course knows it!)

I was so happy that we were able to get out together and have an awesome fun night. It was so incredibly romantic to have such a wonderful evening together just walking our dog in costume and being proud of everything. I didn't have any problems until I got home. I took my antidepressant and within 10 minutes of taking it; my mouth started watering like crazy and I went in and I puked at least all of what I ate that day. It was so horrible because I really hate puking. It hurt my throat so much and some puke even came out my nose (sorry for the explicit details but this is an honest blog of what I go through daily in fighting this horrible disease). My throat and my nose burned for what felt like beond recognition. I was so scared because it came out so fast and furious I thought my heart would stop. I cried and called my honey and he came home to take care of me immediately. (He was catching the rest of the Shark Game which he missed just for me to take me out to the Doggie Event)

I did try my very best to eat through out the day and with out an appetite; it's quite hard. I do have to use medicinal cannabis to help me with this problem and it is helping quite a bit but my intestines seem to be getting rid of things somewhat faster than I can intake or more than I injest?. I pray that I get can over this hump and not have to go on the Cancer feeding intravenous feedings. I am down to 110 today; yes still loosing 1lb per day and counting. Hopefully I will write soon about the recent weight gains. I still have much hope!)

Well today I have to see another doctor (I'm always seeing doctors) but this time it is for Tonto. He is having problems peeing. He can't and it is very worrysome and hopefully it won't cost a fortune as it did with the late Toonces. Tonto is only 5 years old (2/8/04) and it sucks that I couldn't get him to loose any weight and now he has the same problem as Old Toonces had. My neighbor is always feeding him treats and I know he can't say no to him and he (Tonto) knows it so well. He cries and demands things but lately he has been in hiding and trying so hard to go pee. I feel so bad for him but I do have an appointment to go see a vet today at 1:50pm. Here's to me finally gaining some weight and Tonto feeling much better!

UPDATE: Went and got my picc line dressing changed today and also went and picked up Tonto this evening. Tonto is doing OK; he still has to go back in the morning for more check ups and fluids. They were able to successfully unblock his ureter and did not have to use anesthesia. We caught him in the very, very early stages so we are very blessed and lucky! Old Toonce was caught in the late stages.

My weight tonight is: 114.5 (Yeah!) I smoked a whole joint through out the day and just made sure I pigged out as much as possible (it really did help me get the munchies through out the day!) even though the servings were very small; I tried to eat every few hours. I ate shit that I hated (Tiger Milk = 280 Calories, 24 grams Protein), I had fruit (cantaloupe and grapes), even at a Twix Bar which does have 280 calories (I know not supposed to eat sugar but this is for weight gain for right now), Mac & cheese with Tunafish (one thing I have to do for Tonto is to make sure he drinks lots of water and the only way to ensure he does is to use Tuna water from the can), even some nasty baby food. Yes, I'm very, very desperate but I'm trying my very best to get that weight up! So here's to more continued weight gain. No more 110lbs! That was scary this morning!(

Peace and Love to all!)

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nat said...

I'm glad you are getting Tonto in - it sounds like he is "plugged" which happens to male cats. I hope they have him fixed soon!

Blue Belle is beautiful! What a fun day - until the puking of course... :(

Take care CJ

l'optimiste said...

CJ - I LOVE the pics of you and Blue Bell! So cute! Those wings and those tights heheh - brilliant.

Glad Tonto is ok. Hope you gain some weight too - I wish I could send you a couple of pounds.

Big hug

Dr. Swill said...

Hello CJ!

I wanted to let you know about an interesting cancer blog a group of cancer patients have been working on.

A fellow tongue cancer patient was sent home to die. There was nothing more that can be done. Cancer survivors ask him life altering questions.

Please read: Dead Man Talking http://beyondtheglassdoor.blogspot.com

Peace B

TC said...

I loved Blue Belles costume, well all of your costumes. Glad you found out what was wrong with Tonto. Sounds like you are doing well. Too bad about the antidepressant, have you had luck keeping it down since?

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