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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another Dream come true - Bob Dylan...

I have to admit ever since I was about 7 years old; I fell in love with Bob Dylan; not sure why; I think back then it was because he looked so much like Jiminy Cricket (that's what my mom would always say when she made fun of me for liking his music so much). His voice was so ultra annoying to most but for me; I loved just listening to the music; it wasn't just his voice but it was also his way with words or lyrics as they are more commonly called. He always seemed to have the very best lyrics ever! I wanted so bad to be able to see this musician live; just once in my life.

He toured around but his tickets commanded such a high price and were often in venues where they were almost always sold out. I did make it to several of Neil Young's Bridge School Benefit concerts for disabled children and I am not sure if Bob Dylan ever made it to one of those shows; it seems that you just might see him at one or so I thought I would but it never happened.

When my my husband and I lived in Mountain View near Shoreline Amphitheater; we would ride our bikes to the very top of the hill near where sometimes we could see the stage to sneak and listen; we could never really see the stage and they usually had these huge guards on horseback to keep people like us out from trying to watch the shows for free; at least we got to listen to the show for free while we were out riding our bikes. It was always awesome to do that; sometimes we were lucky enough to make sure some tickets didn't go to waste and those with extra tickets for their flaky friends who didn't show up; we would usually make sure those tickets were never wasted or that those individuals did not eat the tickets or walk in with unused tickets. It's a sin to let tickets go to waste!

Well to get back to one of my dreams and that was to actually see Bob Dylan in Concert. A very special friend of mine was not able to go to the show herself with her friend so she gave my husband and I the tickets for free. She wanted the two of us to have a special fun night together and for one of my dreams to come true. I got to see Bob Dylan perform last night and I was able to call someone on the concert line in order to ask special permission to bring my camera to take photos in order to document my fun life and that life still goes on for me despite my diagnosis. The person on the line was convinced that if I told my story to the people at the front office they would be sure to go for it. We didn't take a chance but I do plan to write Bob Dylan and those at the show that I did get to take these fabulous shots at the show.

Well I couldn't do this since there were so many people in line to check; I just kept it quiet. One thing I was incredibly thankful for was bringing my own toilet paper. I brought a big purse with my cosmetics, brush, toilet paper and an extra black hat with my camera safely tucked inside. We made it past security and I felt guilty at first taking photos but this is for my 2009 movie; hopefully not my last movie but I do plan to give it my all! I did have to go to the restroom a few times while I was there (right before we left for Berkeley, one of my neighbors had a place a huge care package on my front doorstep which included this wonderful little doggie flashlight) which worked out perfectly for finding my way around in the dark. I bought my honey two beers for $20 and they were tiny little beers. I could not believe the mark-up; 10 oz beers for $10, actually $9 for the beer and $1 for the tip. Wow!

Yes, we still had a blast except for trying to find a restroom in the city of Berkeley and Oakland after the show. I am still kind of fighting a small infection in my bladder but I was in such bad pain after the show just trying to find a restroom. We drove around and around and around and finally we got to this service station where they told me that their restroom was out of service; by this time I was crying; I couldn't help it. We finally found a place further down at this Korean Bar and Grill. They were nice enough to let me use the restroom and they were having a blast what ever they were doing in there. It was a happening place in the middle of no where in Oakland or Berkeley?

See told you I would have a nice surprise to write about and I have another one for tomorrow! I can't jinx myself with my health; NO WAY!

I also got a very sweet email from another fellow blogger who blogs about making music, album and music reviews and basically Rock and Roll! Here is the blog post for all who are interested in reading. I was very touched by his posts and his writings. I wish him much success!

I do have a doctor's appointment with my chemo doctor and paperwork for him to fill out from the Clearity Foundation. As we were filling out some of the forms over the phone; the founder who had called me; told me that we both shared the exact same birth date; WOW I thought; this is meant to be;! not only is she a Stage IIIC Ovarian Cancer Survivor and an MD; but we share the same birthday too! This woman really does have a heart of gold to be wanting to save my life and I am so honored by that!) The Clearity Foundation will be covering all costs that Kaiser will not cover; I am going to get the BRCA 1/2; HNPCC tests which are basically genetic type tests and it helps Oncologists to be able to find a drug which will work for my type of cancer since my cancer is not like the next persons.

All cancer is different as they are mutant cells that the immune system somehow was not strong enough to fight. Well my immune system is going to get stronger somehow (from all the healthy stuff I'm doing; something has to work!) I also have many awesome people praying for me and sending me lots of healing thoughts and prayers. I have faith in that. I will update on how my meeting will go with my doctor and if I can get all of the forms filled out. This whole process will be documented and hopefully can help many other patients for whom their doctors have given up hope on. I now have faith and hope that I can beat this beast inside me!) Peace and Love to all!

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Kim said...

WooHOO!! Dreams do come true!!!!

TC said...

I love Bob Dylan, the only songs I can think of now are by the Band. Glad you got to go see him. I got to see Chuck Berry who was one of my favorites and because it was a small concert I wound up on stage dancing with my friends. Was totally cool.
Sorry you have all those things to fill out but it's all for the best. You do have a crowd praying for you!

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