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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Here is my Christmas Wish (at the bottom of this post) and may you all enjoy my wonderful little Catelope; although I do plan to juice plenty of cantaloupes this coming year because they are full of Vitamin A and C and are very good for me and fighting cancer! They are also very fattening and that's totally what I need for my scrawny little ass!)

Well this morning I awakened by what I thought was this website where I had ordered some very, very cool shirts for my honey and of course I called the company and my order "somehow" got lost in a pile of orders and will ship on Monday. Oh, well it's not the end of the world. Someone sent me a Christmas tree evidently feeling bad that I don't have a real Christmas tree and the truth of the matter is that we have literally no room for a real tree and I am absolutely in love with my decorated cat tree and won't have it any other way. I thought it might have been my dad and then my mom. She had gotten mad at my husband for not getting me a real tree. Well you know he tried and tried to get me a tree and I was adamant about not wanting a real tree. I wanted to create my own art on Tonto's Cat Tree.

I don't see anything wrong about my being economical and environmentally sound with decorating something I already have in my own house; besides that he absolutely loves it. He has been in the best mood ever and stays around in the house much longer sitting at the top of the tree just looking down at all of the decorations and such. from my what my brother had told me but it's just me being stubborn. Yes, I am very hard headed and when I want to do something; I get it done; and what I wanted to do was to do something very special for my kitty cat and decorate his beautiful home so that he could look out the window in style. It is the coolest and I have already gotten all kinds of compliments on it.

Well anyway, back to the tree that I got this morning; it is artificial and chances are; we could put it up for a few hours and then take it back down; but my husband does not feel we have any room in the garage or in our home for it. We have to send it back to Overstock.com. I wasn't able to even get a name for who had sent it. I feel so bad having to return it; but who ever sent it; I am deeply touched at the bottom of my heart for your kindness and thoughtfulness. Thank you so much; you made my day anyway that you were even thinking about me. I just would like your friendship and love for Christmas and most of all prayers that I will get through this. Those are the best gifts ever and then being able to see loved ones on this special day. We are planning a turkey dinner since I had missed out on Thanksgiving. Wow these holidays have really creaped up. I'm so amazed at how fast time goes by. OK back to the cute video and enough about the thoughtful sweet tree some sent me.

In this particular video; you will notice Tonto's cute little Catlers in this video for which YouTube wouldn't allow for me to upload because of the song!) Well what is really sad about YouTube and uploading our own videos is that the sound quality of these videos are very much compromised because of the size of the file required for uploading and it's usually quite garbled and if only Artists could share their music in that way; it would be a much cooler world. I mean how many people are going to sit at their computer and record the song off of one of these vidoes in order to listen to it on their iPod? If I were one of those artists and I saw my music being used for such a cool collage of photos; I would be tickled to death and of course very proud. Now this is a cute video; mind the quality isn't so great and neither is the sound. The sound quality does suck and I did purchase the song several times from iTunes and my own personal CD. I am not charging any of you for viewing or selling it in way shape, way or form and if I was; all world go to Charity. You might even want to purchase the ungarbled version of this song just for your own personal library? It is available on iTunes "Bells will be Ringing". Hope you all enjoy my gift to all of you compliments of the Eagles.

Here I am getting stronger and doing my Yoga! My honey took this photo and some others but most didn't turn out so good! He still has much to learn about my Nikon Coolpix P80! Well that bag there is my puke bag. It is the Gastric tube that was inserted inside me (technically that would have make it my 7th Abdominal surgery but it certainly wasn't a major surgery as the other 6 surgeries were. Nope that's 8, forgot about the failed abdominal Stint Surgery; also this year I have had 2 major surgeries and 2 failure small surgeries (to insert a stint in my stomach and the stint surgery in May to insert an internal Nephostomy stint, and then 3 successful small surgeries. (Stint surgery in June and one in December) 5 successful surgeries in all! It is simply a blessing to me that I am still alive and I feel as if I might be getting stronger. I'm walking more and more every day and becoming more and more independent. I did about 5 minutes on the Indo board tonight in addition to my Yoga stretches. Only 15 minutes of Yoga today (I kinda had a painful day today; just a small blockage and it is working it's way out).

We also had a small visit from a social worker from the hospital about extending my Disability. I'm thinking until March but my doctor wants to wait until July and I think that might be too long to wait. I know those at work won't mind me coming back with a gastro tube and I can make it work. I'm just so sick of staying home and feeling useless. I think the whole economy thing has got me thinking more and more about me being so incredibly blessed to still have an excellent job to come back to and great people that I happen to work with; all of whom I miss very much.

I also wanted to share something else for all of you. It's so incredibly inspiring and perfect for the Christmas Spirit. Christmas is not all about exchanging gifts and getting new things; it's also realizing those in your life that you feel you are blessed to be around or to know. Well I got this wonderful article and email from my father this evening that I would love to share with all of you. It's so wonderfully inspiring. Too bad this poor young woman never found another man who could live to see how beautiful she really is. She gave her heart to everyone and just sounds like the most beautiful woman ever. I would have loved to have met her and known her. I love people like this as there are just few like this around. I think they are absolute angels sent down to us in order to learn what it truly means to be selfless and to not be so selfish; to share yourself with others. Don't just sit there and expect to be a victim when you are faced with certain uncertainties or hardships. Suck it up and choose to have a good day because you truly do not know how many good days you may have. Sure I talk plenty about having good days and bad days with this cancer but in all reality; it's all good as long as I get to wake up next to my sweetie; or to see the sun shining inside my window. Hell I'm even happy with a little rain!)


Here is the link to her beautiful Eulogy; I was in tears reading this because it totally reminds me of my relationship with my father. We can never agree on anything politically, but we love unconditionally.

May this Holiday season be full of miracles and this upcoming year will be the best year ever for all of us. Here’s to Peace on Earth and a Cure for all Cancers! Hope every one of you has a wonderful Christmas and a very healthy and happy New Year! With lots of love from me and my family!

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stipeygirl75 said...

Thanks for the beautiful Christmas greeting. Tonto yawning cracked me up! And what a wonderful person Sarah was. Wishing you a happy and healthy 2010!

l'optimiste said...

LOVE the Cat Tree! Love the video! Love you!
I hope with all my heart that 2010 is the year you gain 20 pounds and things get better.
Big hugs babe, have a fabulous Christmas, love to the FH and the animals too :o)

Anonymous said...

i loved your tree! and tonto is so cute on it, i just love that cat! dale will love this video when i show him, i may even make one of our own now. we brought in a tree i bought dale 2 years ago, it was a foot tall and is now 6'...its lopsided and silly, but we decorated it and its our cute tree and it was fun doing it together with champagne and elvis christmas playing.
i hope you guys have a great holiday filled with love and laughter. thinking of you and wishing you would take my 40pounds i need to lose, ill gladly give it to you! :) keep eating, exercising and smiling. we all love you and think of you every day.
hugs and love to all of you!

onthebit said...

CJ, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Tonto's tree is the best invention ever. I love it and everything it stands for! You are right on with your values!

Happy 2010!

Ambrosia said...

Merry Christmas to you too, hun! Hope you're having a lovely day!

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