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Friday, September 10, 2010

Recovering from Multiple Surgeries.....

It's no secret that I have had 7 major abdominal surgeries and yes each and every one of them kicked my ass hard.  I am still recovering from surgeries 5 and 6 because my tummy was short on some skin to sew me back up so there is a little mountain where my pelvis is.  Really weird; and the radiation rash doesn't make me all the more attractive either.   

Here is my Blog video for which part of it got cut off (sorry!():  I am riding my bike and I thought it might be cool if I took my readers on a  typical bike ride that I take almost everyday.  It's not the whole ride but half of it.  I had forgotten to push play for the first part.  I do talk a lot about my intestines not being able to digest any food.  I got several nights in a row and am also having a hard time going number 2.  The pain has been going through the roof but the vaporizer has been helping out quite a bit if only I utilized it more.  I forget to sometimes and even taking prescribed pain medications.  It's important to not get behind the pain because it is so hard to keep up and that's what I am going through now.

What's really scary is that I never know if I will wake up the next day; I got to sleep scared sometimes.  Just North of San Jose is a community known as San Bruno; (this is about 20-30 miles away from me) many people lost their homes and everything they owned; some even lost their lives and this is a lesson that we never know what one moment might bring.  Life can never be taken for granted and although some of my friends down there are safe and sound; I worry about those other families who are not.  I'm praying for everyone and will hopefully be able to bring down my big bag of blankets and pillows; maybe even some groceries.  What ever we can do.  It's a long way for me to go but we will see.   I did hear on the news that the volunteers are beginning to outnumber the evacuees.  Yeah!  I'm so glad; those people need all the help they can get.   I couldn't imagine loosing everything with in seconds but it is a reminder of what is most important in life; your loved ones!)  The explosions were a fire bomb hell; a gas explosion from PG&E's old pipes.  There have even been numerous reports that some people had been smelling gas for about a week and that PG&E trucks had been seen days earlier prior to this huge blast.

Back to my health as I briefly talked about in my video.  My honey and I just do our best each and every day and I don't beat myself up if I have to flake out on something that we had tried to plan.  Yes, we can't plan for anything these days.    My insides are totally and completely unpredictable while I have the very best intentions; I hate that I can't help out sometimes or be at the places I would like to be.  My honey and I are now trying to avoid the ER  these past couple of days and I did email my doctor (late last night = not sleeping)  about all this strange green colored puke I have been aching and getting out of my system.  OMG does it taste horrid!   Then there is this yellow puke that is the most putrid sour taste ever and it's hard to get that taste out of my mouth.  It is grotesque.  It is the worst taste and it burns the living shit out of my throat and not to mention all of those thrusts are doing to my poor tummy!   At this point; my tummy feels like I just did 500 sit-ups and will usually cramp up.  This is the point where I have to say; enough is enough.   My tummy feels more and more cut up on each time I have to puke;  well at least I never have the need to  to put my finger(s) down my throat; it's just happening more than naturally.   Oh how I hate it!  I wish I could stop puking; just to be able to eat something, not feel this painful, painful heartburn, and I wish I could take a nice shit!) Sorry just being honest.    If you can do all the above you are blessed!  Money can not buy happiness!  You have total control of it!  Peace and Love to all of you! Hope you like my videos.

 As promised before; here is our next Rescue Baby.  Her name is Chiquita and she was born in May 2009.   She is a paint / Quarterhorse cross.  Please contact the Animali Farm if interested.

I think she is absolutely lovely and her adoption fee is $500. 
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BJ said...

Hi Jayne and Blue Belle: I enjoyed your bike ride... thanks for sharing! I sincerely hope you get over the puking spell soon. I can't imagine what you go through every day and still hang in there to take us on your journey with you. Blessings and hugs to you! Can't wait for Tonto's video :)


Janell said...

Enjoyed the video around town. I recognized the grocery outlet on Payne, right? Your comments are so true and so poignant. Some of them were funny. But the vomiting stuff just seems so gawd-awful! And there you are riding down the street on your bike, making the most out of your life. You said you were sleeping through most of your life but most people sleep through life.
An amazing bikeride. I'm so glad I watched it & heard what you said.

Aroma Fields said...

Loved your video! It was nice to take the bike ride with you as you pointed out the lovely things along the way. Jayne, you're amazing! With all that you go through, your attitude is so positive. Keep riding your bike as it will help you keep your strength. I'm so sorry to hear that you're not able to hold foods down very well. Have you tried Boost or Ensure? They are what my Oncologist recommends to help keep the weight on (as these drinks are loaded with calories!).
Stay strong, Sweet One!

Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing so much of yourself. I love you!

your friend in sacramento,

l'optimiste said...

jayne - sending lots of love to you and James [and Bluebell and Tonto!!]

You are my star. :o)

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