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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mystery Illness Continues....

We had a long night last night even though my temperature did get down to normal, I still woke up in a pool of sweat (my sheets were soaking wet). I still felt incredibly groggy and did not feel at all like getting up, taking a shower and getting ready for work. My head was pounding and I didn't get to check my temperature, but I did get to email my boss and hoping I would feel better to go to work in a few more hours. Then when it was time to wake up, I still felt groggy and dizzy; so I took my temperature (forgot to photograph it) but it was a low grade fever of 99.6; my stomach (same spot where I had a tumor implant removed in 2005) just burned in pain. It's a very sharp pain as I if I could have pulled a muscle or maybe its a hernia?

Sorry if any of you just had lunch or if you happen to be eating. In September 2005, I had a tumor implant removed here and after about 2 weeks (actually it was more like a month) this gaping hole just happened and it really burned like it was infected. We did everything we could to take care of it. What a gaping hole huh?

It's come a long way since then; you can hardly recognize that same spot. I do feel some strange sharp pains in this exact spot and it doesn't even appear to look likes it even causing me any problems.

Go ahead laugh at the PJs; they belong to my husband. I like to wear his clothes sometimes when I'm sick and home alone. It just makes me feel much better and like he's right there with me taking care of me.

To be completely honest,
I have been having moments of pain that just feel as if my guts are going to spew out of this somewhat of a gaping hole (only its not a gaping hole right now). OK, I do know that does not sound very pleasant. This is just the reality that many of us cancer patients sometimes have to face. We sometimes live horror movie lifestyles in having to deal with this stupid cancer. I prefer to watch comedies most of the time; as you can tell I have seen my share of horror. Check it out when I first got the surgery and check it our now.

NOTE: The teal circle is where the implant was removed and also used to be a gaping hole. Now my stomach is not at all swollen, I just have soreness and it hurts like crazy to get up out of a chair.

We will see tomorrow what's the root of this pain. I plan to see my doctor tomorrow afternoon at 3:30pm and will hopefully be able to update you all on what is going on. I have been taking Motrin, Tylenol Cold & Flu (OK maybe that's not the best for me, but dog gone it, it knocks me out and makes me sleep it off) and I just started chewing on some cannabis buds which really helped to relax me; it sure forced me to drink lots of water; plus I did after all go to the bathroom (#2) more than 5-6 times through out the day, so everything is flowing through. That is really a good thing; actually its quite the miracle!) I'm happy for that.

Oh I also did my saltwater flush (1st thing in the morning each and every morning) which is working pretty much everyday. I still take the Miralax only with Blueberry juice. I had to switch the Prune Juice since the Salt Water Flush is really working out well for me.

For me, everyday is a new day to just try my best and sometimes obstacles like these stupid colds just happen. Sometimes pains will happen that end up scaring the crap out of us. It's more or less a wake-up call. Sometimes a good deep breath, close my eyes, hold it in and just think of my cute husband, my cute dog, my cute cat and all my cute friends and family will work to get rid of at least some of the pain. I really do have such a fond appreciation for all of those who are thinking of little old me and wishing me the very best. - thank you!)

Sure many of us are very involved in our lives (that's exactly what we are supposed to do;o) and I just pray that most of us are having happy lives; mines still happy don't get me wrong, but I have to go through these little battles every so often in order to get better a long the way; and perhaps this one will make me stronger. Is a cure just around the corner? I sure hope so!)

UPDATE: 9:35pm PST: Here unfortunately is my just recorded temperature. I was just having some chills and feeling quite dizzy. Uggghhhh, I thought I was getting over this, now I have a high fever again. I'm still alive and my loving husband will be taking good care of me. I guess there goes going to work tomorrow! I don't wish to get any of my friends sick! I mean that from bottom of my heart!)

I could barely get up off the couch to go to bed because of the pain in that same spot (tumor implant). I started a crazy coughing madness that really ached that part of my abdomen and of course my temperature just kept rising.

We nearly went to the emergency room last night because of the pain I was in. It was a very close call; we were so close when all of a sudden my hard headedness sunk in. I kept imagining being in the hospital for several weeks and not being allowed to leave. Instantly I just started bawling and tears just rained out of my eyes (I'm going to the see the doctor tomorrow anyway:). I just didn't want to give up and perhaps get an even bigger super bug than this one. I really hate being in the hospital and I finally just put my foot down. I cried protesting going and just curled up in the bed to try and forget the pain I was feeling.

I couldn't go to the hospital unless I was really dying and I didn't exactly feel that way. These coughing fits I was having literally felt as if I had ripped something inside of me each time I coughed.
My husband got some cold compresses and just tried to get my temperature down. I just had a sheet and we finally got it down to 100.2 prior to me konking out.
When I finally konked out, I was able to sleep peacefully through out the rest of the night.


Ambrosia said...

I'm sorry to hear that you had such a bad night! It sounds alot like a virus we have going around where I'm at, only worse...has your immune system had a chance to get caught up after the chemo?

I really hope you start feeling better soon. Being sick sucks all on it's own without the pain you're in being compounded by it.

Take care of yourself hun.

l'optimiste said...

oh no - I was hoping you'd feel better by now. That gaping hole was so horrid! I hope the doctor has sorted you out by the time you read this.

sending you lots and lots of healthy vibes babe

TC said...

Hey girl, my husband has the bug, can't seem to shake it and he's not even sick otherwise, hate to hear you have it too.
I just chopped like more off my hair than I have in 20 years, this is beside the point however. I just want to say you go girl. Your blog makes me think and makes me smile. HOPE you get to feeling better NOW!!

ShoppingKharma said...

I do have to say I am hope from the hospital. Still alive and feeling much better! Hopefully done being tortured at least for now!)

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the prayers and well wishes!)

They worked excellently!!!! I feel OK for now.

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