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Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Christmas Post...Great Gifts for Cancer Patients

NOTE: This post is not intended to make anyone feel bad. We know our loved ones love us and some of us are busy in the moment getting ready for Christmas. This post is just meant for patients who may be in my situation. Not sure how many may be, but my situation may be not be so common.

Never under any circumstances, do you give a Cancer Patient (like me) a box of chocolates with macadamia nuts (OK, somebody I work with gave me these great Hawaiian Chocolates - milk chocolate with macademia nuts) or lots of nuts period; especially if that patient has had nearly the surgeries I have had (4 major).

It has been scientifically proven that sugar actually feeds cancer and its not a good idea to buy a Cancer patient something with sugar, high fructose corn syrup, anything remotely hydrogenated, preservatives.

As you can clearly see in this photo what nuts or chocolate can do in my situation. If you notice in this photo, look at my belly button and you can see two lumps just above it. That is a bowel obstruction that you can clearly see. Especially the big lump there. It's pretty Trippy, huh? I love the opportunity to educate others about my unique situation. Cannabis is currently helping me in this situation so please don't worry yourself.

Right now, we are doing the roto rooter to get this chocolate and nuts through my system. I drank some prune juice, water and Miralax and the Cannabis got my mouth dry and got rid of some really sharp pains (probably from the nuts) and its making some noise. This is a very painful situation for me to be in; a struggle that sometimes is constant. I can actually taste the chocolate and nuts as it comes up my esophagus.

The Cannabis mostly just calmed it down where its not making too much noise or as much as it was. The nausea is gone too but I do have to keep drinking and if I don't do something in a few hours, I have to do an enema. How completely pleasant is that?

Imagine if you had to go through this whole ordeal every time you indulged yourself with cup cakes, chocolates, nuts, chips, popcorn and all those bad things for you. OK some of them might not be, but for me they are all bad.

As a Cancer patient; I know I need love and prayers most of all. Nice warm thoughts that one day there will be a cure. A nice card makes me really happy and even a smile. I'm really, really simple to please and really there is no need to waste money on Chocolates, cookies, and sweets. As you can tell from that photograph, they are not at all good for me. Granted these did not have hydrogenated oils or preservatives, they did have sugar and I'm not supposed to have it. I love the person who gave me those chocolates, but right now my husband is not at all happy with them or me. I just got lazy and hungry and eyed those chocolates which were in my house at the time and it was a choice between those chocolates or the Ensures.

Trust me, I will not feel left out if I don't get some of those cookies and sweets. In fact, I will know that you read my blog or that you maybe don't understand what I am going through. A simple smile will do or a card. Now if you make something in your kitchen; please provide it to your neighbors, kids, and family but not to a Cancer patient. I normally have to throw out candies and sweets. It is the right thing for me to do because my husband won't eat them either. Don't get me wrong; I do love the thought but I have lost myself and indulged; but paid heavily for it. We've been in the emergency room before and a whole night trying desperately to get it through my system. I really have to keep it simple.

Here are some things that never cause me any pain. Books on alternative therapies, healthy cook books, healing CDs, a CD of music that you created, photos of yourself, a poem, Itunes gift cards!) - even $5 one or even .99 cents works me. I love Music! comment on my blog- that really works too! How simple is that? Any cancer patients that are reading this; please post your ideas for perfect Christmas gifts that would make you happy. Perhaps you like chocolates and can handle them perfectly unlike me. I'm also looking out for all of you too. Dark, Dark chocolate is good for you, but not the sugar. I know that sucks; but its completely true.

In all, I just don't want anything that will disrupt me taking a shit. That's all I ask for!) I hope you are laughing as you read this; those are my intentions and most of all those are my thoughts completely!

UPDATE: 12:50PM Went upstairs in severe pain, used my vaporizer, took a nice hot bath with lavender Sea Salt, meditated; then all of a sudden a huge burst of energy towards the porceline goddess! Kaboom! Yes! all is good for me now! The pain is now relieved and no worries. Your prayers and good thoughts also worked in my favor. God has provided me a plant that grows naturally and I am no longer in any pain from the love of some Chocolate and Macedemia nuts. No need for an enema just yet.

At 3pm, I was pretty much on the porcelain goddess the rest of the day. Still getting the rest of everything out even after 5pm. I couldn't be more than 25 feet from either goddess (upstairs and downstairs), but thankfully in the privacy and love of my own home!) Not causing any harm to anyone; including myself.

Most of the day I did feel some sharp abdominal pains and swelling; I had to be on top of it to use the vaporizer to relieve myself of this pain and to continue to drink more water to get this out of my system.

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Nekia said...

My grandfather had colon cancer twice, and liver cancer twice. He died after the last case of cancer sadly but he was much better off.
However in the ten years our family lived with cancer daily nobody ever told us that candy was bad for it :(
Hope your going good and have a great holiday

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