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Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Tragedy of loving animals...

We awoke a little after 9am. It took my husband and I a while to get up and to start our day. We relaxed on the couch enjoying a lazy Saturday morning together watching TV for a little while and drinking some coffee. We finally got our showers and into our motorcycle gear for a ride down highway 9. My friend had left her only phone charger in my house when she was last visiting a couple of days ago so I put her charger (in case we were able to stop by) in my leather jacket pocket along with anything else I would need for my ride.

The ride was both fun and exhilarating until I started to get a little cold as we headed up into the mountains on Highway 9 heading then onto Skyline Blvd towards SF. The road was so curvy and my butt felt as if it might fall off the seat just a few times. (God I want a bitch bar for my husband's bike!). I think I must have frozen up in fear just a handful of times.

We continued on as I looked over to my right at the beautiful scenery of the bay! We road past a gorgeous winery and some more beautiful mountain like homes. I dreamed of how nice it must be to live in such a beautiful home! It was cool to see the farm animals, like goats, cows, and plenty of horses.

We stopped for a late, late lunch at Alice's Restaurant in Woodside, CA. This was a nice little restaurant where lots of bikers (both kinds= motorcycles and bicycles) stopped in for a nice break. We called my friend to let her know where we were and that we would try our best to stop by to drop off her charger and then ate our delicious lunch.

After we finished our lunch we continued onto 84 (?) and I counted out loud the numbers of horses I saw; overall a gorgeous fun ride!


As we were driving home, we noticed 2 cars just in front of us stopped at a pretty dangerous curve but one where you would need to drive somewhat slow (20mph) and as we slowed to a stop, and then a baby deer that had just been hit. We rolled slightly right past her and stopped. I looked back at the baby and right away noticed that she was still breathing and just overall sad as she could be. I just couldn't help myself. There was another car that rolled to a stop right at her body as I jumped off the bike and went to move her body out of the road. She didn't even weigh as much as my cat! She was so tiny and laying there so broken and struggling with hopefully her last breaths. I wanted her to go to heaven as soon as possible and to not suffer as she looked like she was. I can't kill something so cute and beautiful not even to put her out of her misery. Tears just rolled down my face as I jumped back on the bike to continue past the two parked cars that were in front of us. The drivers were outside of their cars examining damage done and my husband yelled to them they must move on.

My husband believes that the fawn must have fallen down off the mountain onto the car because where we were it was quite dangerous to be parked on those types of curves (Skyline Blvd past Woodside and heading towards 280). As we were riding on, my husband asked me if I was crying and my voice cracked to say "I'm OK" and tears are streaming down my face.

We got stuck in some more traffic but I just wanted to go home. We didn't go to my friend's house and I was too cold to go further north where I felt I might freeze. It was almost 5 and we needed to get home to feed the animals. We did stop at our local pub for a beer to take the edge off the sad, sad, scene. We saw our neighbor and told him of our fun ride and then the tragic part. As the two men talked about having a tire iron or a knife to slit the baby fawn's throat! I covered my ears and walked inside to get a beer.

The rest of the evening involved trying to forget about the poor little baby deer. I said a prayer for her that she please be able to go to heaven and just continued to think good thoughts for her. I named her Ginger for some odd reason.


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Syarlilady (shar-lee-lay-dee) said...

That baby deer story is so touching. I have horrible experiences of accidentally hitting animals while driving. Once, a monkey jumped onto the road right in front of my car as I was driving at 80kmph. It brought my spirit down for days.

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