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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Radiation has started on Palin....

Since my radiation treatment was at 1:15ish; my sweet nurse stopped by to check on me at  around 8:30am yesterday morning; mostly to check my medication intake (we record everything on one of my very special spreadsheets that I came up with and it's so easy to read; it even includes pain levels when ever I need to take any pain medication (1-10). 

After my nurse had left; I took Blue Belle and Tonto on their walk as both were very, very well behaved; Tonto was so grateful to be able to go outside (he skipped a day = Daddy gets embarrassed and does not want his sexuality in question while walking a cat  (he thinks its gay!) ; but this cat is very beefy and masculine? How could walking Tonto be Gay? I just don't get it?)  I just    don't get being gay with walking cats or masculine beefy cats like Tonto?)  He is like a Bulldog!) I  guess I will never understand?  He is the Bulldog we have both always wanted.

Well Tonto was so happy to be walked that he actually allowed for me to clean up after Blue Belle and walked ahead of me in order to take her poo bag to the dumpster.  We had another dumpster diver in the garbage where I accidentally threw Blue Belle's poo right onto his back by accident.  I told him he needed to leave and that this is private property.  I felt bad but I saw this person daily and I just know that this person had a problem.  I wish our city could better fix people such as this.  I need to have a degree rather than an understanding of these people?  Somehow I feel my words of wisdom just help them?  

Maybe I am dillutional about that?  I have read several books on hoarding and even noticed some tendencies in several friends and even my own mother.    I did ask him "Do you live here and if so what unit number do you live in?"; of course he did not live here; more than likely he was a hoarder which unfortunately is pretty common   with people of his age and dress style. Most hoarders feel that they need to gather as many possessions as possible and will even look at most things that you and I would consider garbage or useless as something they could use at a later time.  I also have a neighbor who lives like this as well and has even admitted to me her problem.  I sure wish there was something that I could do to help her.  I did read a really good book on hoarding and have come to understand it and it did have one line that could help many of these hoarders "I have yet to see a Hearst equipped with a U-Haul hook up".  You just can't take physical possessions with you when you die and it's mostly family members who have to pay thousands to clean out all the junk; because most of it is junk.   The illness is also linked to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

Well after the nice little walk with Blue Belle and Tonto; I got a phone call from a  very good friend who just happened to be in my neighborhood and is hardly ever this close by; so he stopped by and dropped off some very special medicine which really helped me to digest my breakfast; I have been loosing more weight more than likely due to Palin (my tumor) or maybe even my pain pump?

I figured that this photo of the actual Palin being strapped in a car; could be the best analogy of my tumor also called Palin only its strapped in my body ready to be zapped by the radiation!).  I did finally start the radiation process yesterday on my tumor Palin.  Most of the appointment involved some tattooing on my tummy and lying flat and still on a very cold table with that pillow that simulated a butt pillow for hemis.   I had to lye there for so long with my arms above my head holding onto these two sticks or levers (I'm not quite sure what the analogy of those things are; but they were like levers placed above my head for simply holding on and ensuring that I stay still); my left side started to get really sore from the metal that was on the table that the radiologists had to stop and add some padding for my little bony ass.  They had to move me a little bit and that wasn't hard at all since they did tell me that most of the time they have to get about 5 people to move patients and that two were enough for me and they did it so easily.

This is very similar to the machine I was sitting on only the one I was on seemed like it was moving me inside a dark cave; if that makes any sense.  I'm mostly describing this for others who may seek the same treatment

Finally after being marked on, then little needles poking me; I was ready to be microwaved or so it seemed inside that big radiation machine.   I could tell that being microwaved or at least that is what it seems; that I will eventually feel some burning and just a little bit of pain in that area but hopefully this Palin will die and go away as we wish this other delusional Palin would go away too but she loves the attention of being in the public eye too much.


I'm really not sure what it is but what ever it is; is causing me to have to vomit at the very same time that I am sitting on the john.   Sometimes I can't help but squeal at the intense pain (pain level 9 out 10); it scares my honey to death when I do this; so I try very, very hard not to scream out in pain.  I usually have to have my honey's holy bowl with me when I go to the bathroom and when I sit on the couch; I never know when my intestine are going to jerk like that (its very, very intense); I mean it could Palin (tumor)?  I didn't vomit much yesterday after the radiation, but that just could be because of the good pot a friend gave me.  Sorry that's just the truth.  I used my vaporizer and smoked a rolled joint and after that I had NO nausea or pains;   OK, maybe just a little; but I did get the usual diarrhea of the day (prior to smoking); that sucks but at least I am still alive.  I just have to deal with life's little inconveniences; at least I am not in the hospital using their fiberglass toilet paper; I get to use Charmin ultra soft and even baby wipes and Aloe Vera lotion when it gets too painful and it does!  Well anyway, I slept very good compared to most nights where I am up all night long; running to the bathroom constantly; mostly to pee and to poo!  It sucks; but I'm alive!  That's the important thing.

By the morning; most often I am so incredibly exhausted that I can't wake up when my honey is up and getting ready for work.  This morning I felt much better.  I'm working with the cannabis and just eating small meals through out the day and not raiding the fridge as I have to admit I had been doing; hell I think anyone would puke if they ate like I have doing?  I just have to smoke before and after I eat so that the nausea never takes effect.  I think cannabis is different for me than it is for most recreational users; it gets rid of pain, nausea, and dehydration causes but the extreme diarrhea.

The only reason I am proud to show all of you my ugly nasty; pit hair looking photo (nooo I do NOT have pitt hair!) of my decrepit tummy is because I AM STILL ALIVE AND PROUD TO BE!   Please do be happy your tummy does not look like mine; I just don't care at all; I have someone who actually finds this attractive and he's all I care about; he is the best!

Not so sure if any of you can read the text  in this photo on the left; yeah I guess I look fat, but believe me I am not!   that I wrote on my body trying to label Palin, which is on the left, then the round protruding hockey puck looking thing is the "Medtronic Pain Pump is on the right, then the Tube at the top is a "Gastric Tube" it isn't at ALL for feeding or taking any kind of medication; much like my ass; it only for items going out;  well, yes I do pump water into the hose (everyday) and then that in turn takes out pressure which is gastric fluids that may be causing my stomach extreme pain from probably gases?  I use a urine bag to catch all the stomach acids and this is done every single day or I just pump about 50ccs of water into the tube everyday.   I'm not sure, but the decompression does keep me out of the ER in that I don't have to get an NG tube stuck down my nasal cavity which is a very good thing; those things suck!  If I don't pump water in; it could close up the hole (which is much like a pierced ear = wow a hole in my stomach!).  If you click on the picture; I think you should be able to read my labels of my ugly looking tummy; just be thankful that your tummy does not look like mine and yes I did find a man who feels that my tummy is the sexiest tummy ever!  So that's all that matters to me!

Anyway, I got my appointments (for radiation = 10 in a row)  at a time that works best for my honey and I; he won't allow for me to bring Miss Blue Belle; I was thinking she would be great in the Radiation waiting room with all the girls awaiting their radiation; many are just stuck working on a puzzle and some I have seen sit there and they seem to look terrified in a corner; I always try to cheer the women up or to crack them up with all of my crazy body functions (that have especially happened since all of these darned surgeries = what ever keeps me alive!) of my body.  My body seems to make the craziest sounds and I have yet to be able to make some loud farts; (forgot; one night last week I did; they were very musical!)  only stinky and silent ones and I always warn others when they happens (only if they are silent deadly ones); I'm sure they are deadly! Cancer Farts  Only I am calling them Palin Farts; blaming this tumor for everything that's going wrong in my body; I can't wait until Palin (tumor) dies and gets out of my body (that would be cool if I could just poop it out!); I can't wait until all of them go! Here's to a cure!  We also need a cure for ignorance as well!  That seems to be a huge problem even in the mediaAmerican news can most of the time not be trusted in that it is mostly Propaganda.  We see that just in making cannabis (which helping in keeping me alive) illegal; was based on lies and propaganda.

For those of you still interested in teaching your cat how to walk on a leash:

I wish all of you Peace and Love!  No more anger and aggression!
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TC said...

CJ, my brother is 6'4" and in no way shape or form is gay and has a cat he walks on a leash. He also has a hound/basset cross named Lester too but that might be so he will look more manly. My husband is the typical baseball hat, cowboy boot, levi's hairy man, (bald under the cap) but we have a bichon, a foo foo dog who ADORES my husband and who husband carrys if he has to.
I LOVE the name of your tumor, nuff said. Every day is a gift and you realize what most don't till it's too late.
Keep on keepin on...

Anonymous said...

CJ, I'm still out here readin', though I've been a little remiss lately on the comments (sorry!). I have experienced vomiting & diarhhea at the same time, it's awful! I hope your special drug is able to stop that.

Men and their worries about what's gay crack me up.

I am so happy for your love!

your friend in Sac

coffeemaiden said...

Honey, how's it going? Been thinking of you frequently, wondering how the radiation is working. How are you tolerating it? Hugs and prayers to you.

harleyblues said...

Wow! Jayne you are so very courageous~ I know u are ib the ER now-hopefully u will get home soon- for some restful sleep! hugs~


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