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Monday, March 29, 2010

Sharks ruled but my intestines are not yet lately!(

Well my honey and I got to go see a Sharks game on Sunday and they played fabulously and on top of that they won! Well my honey is acting like ever since Tonto had his bath and I switched Tonto's collar to his Shark's collar that may be the reason they are having this winning streak (god I hope that doesn't Jinx them; Lord knows they have had enough of those loosing streaks); so Tonto just might be bringing the Sharks some well deserved good luck! 

We got to watch the game until the 2nd period and then I started getting sick as if I were going to vomit.  Because of the angle we were sitting (22nd row, kinda behind the net where we got to see them shoot twice), that I might vomit on those spectators  sitting directly in front of us.  We left when the score was Sharks 2 and Colorado 1; then the final score was Sharks 4, Colorado 3!)  We got to watch part of the 3rd period on our brand new 46" TV!) So we are happy and so is Tonto!

Sorry this isn't a most recent photo of him but just didn't feel up to trying to take a new photo of him and then have to download more photos as it is time for computer maintenance on both of our computers.  OK now back to the Sharks game that we got the pleasure of going to and once again some very sweet friends of ours  had donated some extra tickets for us to have a blast at the game; it would have been easy to  just stay at home that day since my honey finally bit the bullet and bought that brand new TV in order to replace the 13" TV we had been watching since his TV had died a few day shy of a month ago.  We had just set it up the night before and wow! What a difference a brand new TV can be. We now have a new TV for me to watch!  I can finally see the TV and even read what is on the screen!  Well we did still go to that game and we had a good time until I started having pains after the second period. 

Since starting all those drugs for bone pain; I haven't felt much more than lying on the couch and watching TV.  I hate having to take pain medications but I have to in order to live and get though all of this Cancer related pains.  I hate that I have this huge

The home nurse came by today and I had been pretty bad at itching near my site (Picc Line) and just couldn't help myself; it so dam itchy; worse than any poison ivy or oak; I didn't know what to do so now my picc line would be considered mid-line (was 9mm out of my skin?); so this meant that my picc line is kinda sorta coming out and instead of being close the main artery of my heart that it's more closer to my arm pit?   I might have to go get it fixed and of course give some blood samples at the lab while I was there.  What a pain!  We can still administer my IV tonight and was kind of worried about that because the nurse had to call my doctor or else I would have had to double up on fluids; I usually can't drink so much because of this horrible heart burn and pukey feeling that I keep getting.  It seems for right now my pain is under control but I still hate having to be on the drugs; I wish I didn't have

We will be going to the doctor soon to check on some more tumors that we felt and about getting a referral to "Cancer Centers of America"; well after all it does seem that he has given up on me and seems like he is just waiting for us to give the OK for Hospice; and of course I'm just not ready yet.  I'm not giving up on living and will still try my hardest to get strong enough so that I can go back to work.

Well another thing that happened this weekend is that I groomed Blue Belle since she has been shedding like crazy and it is that time of season where she is simply shedding her winter coat.  I brushed and brushed her and then got to these little raggin muffin hairs on her butt that just looked ragged; so I got out the grooming shears to see if I could fix them up and of course I got too carried away; a snip her, then a snip there until she has an embarrassing little ass that I felt I need to cover for her before going out in public to play with her friend Tess.  Oh GOD did I make a mess of her little bottom!(   Can't I ever figure out when I need to stop if I am messing something up?  With each snip it was just another screw up!(  She got to wear one of my old bathing suit skirts  and I think it looked better on her than it did on me and covered up the messed up spots that I had done to her.   Hope you enjoy this little video of her running in her skirt and having a blast; I kinda think she enjoyed wearing the skirt and perhaps she really felt like a girly girl even though it kind of looks like a scottish thing?  Well I can vouch that she also wasn't wearing any underwear!)

Well here's to living and surviving this!  Peace and Love!

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nat said...

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is my hospital, and I love them! I really hope you can get that referral. If you do, and you go to their midwest clinic (Zion/Chicago IL), let me know because I would love to meet you there! That is where their main gyne/onc, Dr. Williams, is located.

That picc line sounds so troublesome! Is the itching from adhesives that they use or from the line moving? I know that I have allergic reactions to adhesives from bandages (you can also get them from latex based products), and they had to switch to paper tape for me.

Good luck at your doc appointment - and with referrals. Thinking of you!

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