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Friday, November 26, 2010

San Jose PD still using Racial Profiling.....

You all know how much I adore my husband and how awesome he is in helping keep me alive with his amazing nursing and doctoring skills.  I'm amazed each and everyday.  He literally rocks in bandaging my gastric tube; I have never had a nurse bandage it better than him.  So he definitely deserves a break every once in a while and I give him those breaks most evenings when I'm not having so much trouble with my pains.  He is able to  relax  at his favorite local pub most days which is just a small walking distance from our lovely home.

Oh does he deserves to relax!)  If something ever  happens to me; he is able to race home from there and be at home with in about 3 minutes or so.  This little local pub is every sports fan's dream; it's kind of a man cave being that most of the times its kind of dark in there with exception to all the TVs.  It has many flat screen TV's playing all kinds of sports, pool tables, pin ball machines, a down loadable jukebox(where you can look up most songs), and a huge shuffle board table.  There's probably lots more stuff that I didn't mention but really; most people work hard all day long and they come here to relax and not be stressed out.  Sometimes there might be an idiot who can't handle his alcohol, but most of the time; it's kind of peaceful.

Well the other night (Monday?)  night he came home pretty upset and it upset me just to see him this way.  He was pretty pissed, but thank god he's over it and it's just another bar tale about some stupid cops who violated their right to privacy.   He really did not deserve being treated unfairly by our local San Jose PD officers.   Two young rookies in uniform walked into the bar convinced that most of the people in the room were Sureno's or had assumed there were  some gang members inside this local pub.  Most of the people that frequent this pub are most often working class; they have jobs, they pay taxes, and many have mortgages.  Well anyway these 2 cops (more than likely rookies who just wanted to flaunt some power towards the common folk citizens- maybe wanted to see fear in these people's eyes) promptly walked in  and announced that they were doing a bar scan or check?  (I'm not even sure this is even legal)?   I believe they had asked my husband first for his ID and then his friend David who is about 25-26 years old, he too has long dark hair like my husband, but he has a full beard; anyway they had my husband's and his friend David's ID and  somehow got them mixed up; one announced "David born in 65'"  as if he might be a criminal and his friend David corrected the little power hungry cop; "that would be James".  I don't know but it just seemed like they were focusing more so on my sweet husband and his sweet friend David because both a dark haired and might cause some trouble because of their long hair and semi-dark skin.  Racial profiling is supposed to be illegal but sometimes cops do not see any way around it?

I totally feel that this was completely unjustified and my  sweet husband was doing nothing illegal  (unless drinking a Budweiser  and watching sport is now illegal?) as these cops repeatedly called him  "Polamulu".   It seemed like some sort of racist thing that they were doing; thinking my husband was Samoan? the way that they kept referring to him that way.   They continued to repeat "Palamulu" every time that they referred to my husband.

Well these little cops wasted their time inside the bar doing background checks on all of my husband's friends and a few others in the bar that they deemed dangerous looking?  They could have been doing what their job entails which is protecting the public from danger but it seemed that they were to scared to do that; instead frighten law abiding citizens.  Instead, they go into a public establishment and instill fear to everyone in there?  Is it even legal for them to walk in to an establishment and just ask everyone for their IDs and then do background checks just like that?  No one was even applying for a job to be a cop?  Do we have freedom anymore or is this a Police State?  I'm terribly confused and it sucks if we have to continue to loose more freedoms; don't we have any right to privacy anymore?  That would really suck if we don't.  I found this interesting article on finding a new police chief and middle ground on the East Side of San Jose.  


It really sucks for people to have to fear the cops rather than the gangs in our city.

There were no warrants for anyone but having them automatically do background checks on everyone because they happen to be in a bar does not at all seem warranted or even legal.  Can they also go into a restaurant and do the same thing?  They don't need to treat all citizens as criminals.  It's totally uncalled for.  They could have just gone and done their job and checked in the dangerous neighborhood  which is just across the main street from the bar which perhaps these cops were too scared to go check out .   Instead of investigating the more dangerous part of the neighborhood, they would much rather push their weight on something much, much more easier; law abiding citizens.  My poor honey was just sitting there at the bar with his friends watching Monday night football; relaxing and basically having a well deserved good time with his buddies.  I'm so behind that.  I love all of his sweet friends!)

It wasn't yet time to hook me up to my TPN just yet and I was basically sitting at home with my sweet little animals who were basically cuddled up on the couch with me watching a very, very cute animal movie "Baily the lost puppy", (I didn't realize how much cute animal movies mellow me out= what a great destresser!).   Everything was good for me; I was smoking my pot and puking and draining my tummy at home.  Well until those cops came into the bar and stressed everyone out for no reason at all?

Now there is plenty of crime in my  little San Jose neighborhood  (we are kind of on the edge of where lots of Sereno's reside and at night sometimes it can also be downright frightening like many other drug violent neighborhoods.   I'm not really scared like I should be to walk around outside at night.  We mostly get lots of foot traffic on our street  with occasional yelling and smashing things,  until past midnight.    Well anyway these cops were way out of line messing with my husband and his friends. There is more that needs to be done in our little city, then mess with law abiding citizens and I so wished I could have been there so that I could tell those inexperienced power hungry little cops that they are ruining a good thing; they are infringing on people's rights to relax after a long day at work  and disturbing the peace.  Everyone there deserved to relax; not be terrified or hassled by some little power hungry cops. It kind of makes me sad to know there are still those kind of cops out there that have no heart  or seemingly don't in what they do.

Anyway, I researched the dude "Polamulu" in which they kept referring to  my husband and yeah he kind of resembles my hot husband; well anyway he just happens to be this  very, very hot Football Player who plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  This guy has a long flowing mane for hair (Kind of like my honey).   P &G (he had been using Head and Shoulders his whole life) insured his mane for $1,000,000.  Anyway, he plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers;  he isn't quite as hot my honey but he's still pretty damn close.   After looking him up, I would say that is kind of compliment to my husband; because this dude is a total bad ass and my husband is too!  Wow!   So those cops were kinda being cool referring to my husband as hot!)  They just were not when they had to hassle most everyone in the bar.

I just hope that one day those three cops will mature and become much better cops and not be such total ass's to other law abiding citizens trying to get in some relaxing time.    I also hope that  one day i they come in again; that I'm in there and  if they try to ask for my ID,  I won't give it to them especially if my only crime happens to be sitting at the bar, drinking water which is what I normally drink.   They must tell me what I am doing wrong in order for them to request to see my ID or I can also ask if I can see their IDs and I must be able to do a background check on them too?   Yes, I'm difficult sometimes and very, very stubborn and stuck in my ways.   My honey always has to calm me down once I start going.

I've actually had some pretty pleasant experiences with some of the cops in my neighborhood just walking my dog over to 7/11. They stopped me so that they could get a better look at my dog and to pet her of course.   We had some wonderful conversations about real things in life.   They seemed inspired by me and also told me they were glad to have met me.  It made me feel really good.  They were completely open and honest with me as I told them about me fighting for my life.  I opened up and told them how lucky I am to be alive and how I have been using cannabis to save my life so many times.  They were completely behind me 110% on that.  One even told me that its' kind of secret but sometimes other cops who suffer from PTSS often use it to relax and sleep at night.  It helps them and they deserve to sleep and relax too.

Since everyday is a blessing to me and I'm grateful for each and every day I am provided with; I wish all of you lots of Peace and Love and hope that one day we will once again have a right to our own privacy when we decide to go out and have fun!)   Maybe most towns allow for Privacy inside a bar but apparently not San Jose PD.

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MFA Mama said...

Well that is just ridiculous! Your husband is about as harmless as they come, and I don't know about there, but here you don't *have* to show ID unless you're under arrest. I read that and a couple of days later was walking across the college campus where I was a student (this was more than ten years ago, yikes!) when an officer stopped me (it was dark and very late) and demanded to see my ID. I asked him why and he said I was behaving suspiciously, and I said no, I am just walking home and minding my own business. He said "give me your ID!" I said why, am I under arrest? He said "you could be!" I said what for? He said trespassing. I said this is a public university and I am a student here. He said prove it, show me your student ID. I asked again if I was under arrest and he grudgingly said no and I said then I don't have to show you anything. He was MAD! Finally he let me go, because I wasn't doing anything wrong anyway. I hate when the authorities abuse their power to harass people who aren't doing anything against the law! I don't know why I didn't just show him my student ID and license, but it annoyed me that he was bothering me when he could have been fighting actual crime...

coffeemaiden said...

Well, if your husband is going to be hassled by police they couldn't compare him to anyone cuter. My husband is a Steelers fan and Troy Polamalu is a darling. And a beast on the field (from what I here the males in my house say--I get confused when I watch football). Police in all states harass men with long hair and beards. When V. and I were first married his hair was as long as mine (waist length) and he had an incredible long, full beard. I loved that beard. That's one thing that will still get me to look at a man is long hair and a beard. I will forever be an old hippie.
Still thinking of you every day and saying a prayer for you and your wonderful husband who takes such awesome care of you.

mishall magarzo said...

I was once diagnosed of sinusitis.. :{

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