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This blog is very personal and comes from the heart of a real fighting cancer patient who wishes nothing more than to live for all of those I love my own will to live, and my love of life. While sometimes I might be on heavy medication (prescribed by my doctor) and occasionally I might write about things or subjects that one may never even think about or consider; so please consider that as well. Yes; whacked out things might even be found here; but I mean everything in all good intentions.

This blog is not at all intended for the faint hearted, those who lack a sense of humor, have no idea what down to earth means, greedy mean people, and/or those who don't know how to share the world with others, and especially those who are unable to easily put themselves into the shoes of others. This blog is mostly about my journey of living my life in the best ways that I can under the Golden Rule and appreciating all of the GOOD KHARMA that comes my way! Never take anything in this world for granted; especially family and friends!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A day to give thanks...

I had originally been working on this other post about some cops that racially profiled my husband a few nights ago.  I'm still working on that post; so I just wanted to publish this first to let you all know how completely thankful I am for all of my family, friends, all of you readers and everything else liife has to offer me!   It just didn't seem right for me to publish the other posting on Thanksgiving because I know not everyone is like those San Jose PD Rookie power hungry cops.   

I would love to live forever with my honey; if I had it the way that I wanted; I would die a tenth of a second before my honey and my pets but you just don't always go when you want to.  I'm thankful for each and every morning that I wake up; no matter what; even if I happen to be in horrid pain; it's just a reminder that I am alive and with my soul mate who takes such good care of me.   He loves me no matter what!)

Well I just had the most wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner yesterday with my loving neighbors in the back of the complex.  What a wonderful cook my neighbor Sharon is and I'm still kinda enjoying her meal (lots of left overs) even though I'm eating, then puking, then eating again and continuing the endless cycle of eating and puking?   Even though I have this weird bulimia thing going on; it didn't matter; I just wanted to try everything out.   I know, how disgusting is that?  I've kind of gotten used to the puking and not being able to digest anything.  It just a way of my life.   The only thing is that I must also smoke a little joint which  really helps so much for  the heartburn (I'm not getting it as much anymore?) and it's so important for me to drink lots of water with my meal and boy does that little joint make me thirsty unlike the Dilaudid (which I quit taking a few days ago since a very good friend of mine provided me with this amazing miracle medicine) or the Methadone.  I still have to take it every day twice a day.  Now it's up to 2 and half ml twice a day.  It has to be increased every week or two. 

  Hope everyone else was able to have a wonderful Thanksgiving and now it's Black Friday.  I can't partake in all that craziness; I might get hurt by being pushed around or knocked down by angry or excited shoppers.    Online shopping for me is the best way for me to shop this holiday season; I already have most of my shopping done that way (for my honey).  Many are offering free shipping which you really can't beat; so there's no looking for parking spaces (except on the couch), no standing in line; just searching for that credit card or using Paypal.  That's it and you get your receipt in your email and that's it!  

 I was so happy shopping at the Van's store getting my honey some replacement shoes since his others are getting pretty worn.  They really are fast!  I couldn't believe that I practically got them like the next day or the day after.  I still need to get some wrapping paper (across the street), I only wrapped one pair and I still had a larger brown box with another shoe box inside that bigger box.  Somehow Tonto got inside the bigger box but he wanted to get into the shoe box, but those damn new shoes were in his way; so he pulled out the new shoes and really enjoyed tearing up the tissue paper that also accompanied those new shoes.  Thank God he didn't tear up    the new shoes being that they did have some tempting shoes strings in there as well.  I heard some noise coming out of the bigger box as I was watching TV; it was kinda of shaking back and forth so I just knew Tonto had climbed in there and was up to no good.  I went to go check and Tonto was just having a blast sitting in that empty shoe box with the new shoes just strewn about inside the big box and of course the tissue paper torn to bits.   I was a bit mad but very understanding.   He looked up at me with his mischievous eyes and it was too darn cute!  I had to put a heavy towel on top of the big box until I can get the other pair wrapped.   

Since we are just starting to decorate the cat tree his is finally using the cat tree once again.  Yeah!  We are going to use the cat tree once again or our tree.   I just don't see bringing in a messy tree; maybe we will since this technically could be my very last Christmas on earth?  For now, I'm kind of against it; I like just decorating the cat tree and so does Tonto.  He freaking loves it!  He feels special with his cat tree all decorated and stuff!

Peace and Love to all of you!  I hope this holiday season is special for all of us and I hope and pray that Greed will once again be looked at more seriously as a character flaw in so many.  We must take care of one another; pay it forward!)

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Anonymous said...


Happy Thanks!

I've been thinking about you this Thanksgiving weekend and wishing you well.

Your friend,

mishall magarzo said...

I was once diagnosed of sinusitis.. :{

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