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Friday, October 22, 2010

Severe Nursing Shortage.....

True we are experiencing a higher than normal job shortage but we have a much higher shortage in nursing and hospice care.?   From what I hear it is like a 60% or more shortage?  Well it doesn't sound much like a recession to me when there are so many of those types of jobs available to the public and we are having to get citizens from other countries to come and train for those jobs because US citizens just don't want those kinds of jobs?  I remember being young and carrying 3-4 jobs and one of those jobs was cleaning out chicken pens and gathering eggs, working in a zoo cleaning out big cat shit, cutting up dead animals to feed to the big cats and so much more disgusting crap.  I didn't complain; I got a paycheck.  I wouldn't have even cared about cleaning dirty bedpans or sheets; as long as I could make a difference to those who really need it.  I have had to have others do that for me; so I appreciate it.   It always sucked being in the hospital and having to waited hours upon hours just for medication because the nursing shortage was that that prevalent.   It you really want to work; there are jobs out there.   The only bad thing about many of those job is there there is some greedy ass CEO who feel they deserve over 50 million to run the company so that other workers are unable to live a comfortable livings.  Yes, it's unfortunate that many nurses don't live a livable wage and yet they work their asses as deserve more than ever to.    I feel a CEO should be paid according to how their workers are living a livable wage and benefits.  Doesn't that sound fair?   What comes around goes around?  Give others a livable wage and you shall get one too! Other lives are more important.

  Isn't anyone in our country compassionate enough to want to be a nurse?  I do know for a fact that all of my readers are but maybe the world will be too one day?   If I could I would totally jump at the opportunity to become a nurse.  I know there is no way I could handle the hard work they have to go through; but they are my heroes; (second to my husband).  I just didn't think I was smart enough back then but boy would I if had the second chance!  Oh I would in a heart beat!)  In fact, many seem to snoot their noses up at even considering being a nurse when in reality it really is one of those more heroic careers one could NOT pass up.  I just read that there is a huge influx of money going in to pay for those jobs that we are so short on.  Hopefully we won't have to ship more nurses and eduction from overseas and that our own citizens could just see the light of day and decide for themselves if they desire such an excellent career that many believe it is too damn hard to work and they don't wish to have a job that is so demanding on their souls.   How could that be?  I don't understand?  Me being a cancer patient can always appreciate a good nurse no matter where she hails from.

My dad came out a few days ago to help us out and I'm still having lots of problems with my intestines and stomach.  It really bums me out so much that I can't eat and the pain is so intense that it doesn't seem anything is really working.  The more that I walk the more that pain gets to the point that my stomach feels like its going to explode. It scares me that the end could be sooner rather than later at this point.  We are making plans to go to the Society Dog Halloween Parade in the Greedy City of Los Gatos.  I have to call it for what it is it.  It's the not citizen's faults; it's their dumb city council members who would like nothing more than to be wealthier than they already are; to charge $75 for parking your car less than 5 minutes at a meeter.  When I addressed my check last year and it was only 4 minutes past 6pm; I wrote out the check to the "Greedy City of Los Gatos".  We were there (parked in the city) for about an hour and to pay $75 to park our Prius is outrageous.  What a greedy ass city if I ever saw one!   They still cashed our check no problem? I guess they have NO problem at all being so greedy and heartless.  My husband does not ever want to go there again and we haven't since then.

Well today I want to enjoy what could be my very last Society Dog Doggie Halloween Parade.  Hopefully it's in another city that isn't quite so greedy.  We will see.   Blue Belle will be sporting a very cute costume as will I!  Hopefully my health will good tomorrow and my dad and I can go early enough to find some parking where we won't be raped on the costs!(  Have a heart Los Gatos! 
Peace and Love to all of you!

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Anonymous said...

As an RN, I can tell you that the main reason there is a nursing shortage is that there are not enough qualified nurses to teach.
To teach, a nurse must have a BSN, as well as a masters degree. Most RNs are AA degreed, although that is changing. If one does have the money and time to get the bachelors and the masters, teaching pays so much less than any type of clinical nursing, that few can afford to teach. sad, but true. Cathy (hospice RN, btw)

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