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Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Father, Sons, and Daughter together at last...

We picked up my dad from the airport this morning; wasn't the easiest of mornings to begin with. We were up late last night; mostly, I was having fun connecting again with my brother. It's been too long for us. I didn't get to sleep until around 1am, then awoke shortly after 3:30ish am with the usual muscle spasms (diarrhea and vomiting) which kept me awake until 5: 45 am (I remember looking at the clock just prior to knock-out (had to take a Klonopin). Sometimes I do remember (rarely) to take a Klonopin before I go to bed, I won't wake up with these muscle spasms which usually only begin if I have to take a shit. (just being honest; it's blunt here = no pun intended!).

I think it's just taking a long process for my intestines to heal. Now that I have this new floor, I can concentrate on doing my yoga. Perhaps this can help me heal much faster. I haven't felt like even doing any yoga lately but since I got the new floor! My yoga mat works so much better on this floor than that gross carpet!) I will do everything I can to get my intestines healed so that I can start back to work in no pain.

Well, these particular spasms were not such a bad bout as they are most of the time (they were less violent). I hadn't taken any painkillers for the entire day (with the exception of pot) on Friday. It was all natural; oh, except for the prescribed Pantoprazole. I have to take this drug everyday and was even on something like it when I was on the TPN. It just helps keep down the acid which can get really, really, really, really bad. That's why I keep getting that feeling sometimes as if my heart is about to be puked out. I'm so glad that this isn't happening quite as much as it used to (days ago).

Well I did get to the spend the entire day (Friday) with my brother and we even took Miss Blue Belle on a very long walk around the neighborhood. I was so surprised that my intestines lasted that long.!) It was meant to be!) My brother and I had a wonderful walk with Miss Blue Belle. I'm just happy for him to finally meet my special girl. He's a dog groomer and we will be grooming her together in the next couple of days. We are also going to the pet store to get all that I need to make her even more beautiful!)

Well yesterday morning, (I had to wake and bake) I was feeling the onslot of another kidney infection and with that I knew that I needed to drink lots of water; so I was able to become incredibly thirsty that I drank 2 large glasses of pure 100% cranberry juice diluted in half a glass of water, then 3 more glasses later. I knew the kidney infection was coming on because of not being able to pee for most of the day, burning and itching when I did try to, and then seeing blood drops coming out. "Oh God!" I thought each time (10 times of that in the morning). I would go and each time, just a few drops of blood. I just did not wish to call the doctor again.!(

I can take care of this myself. Please "no more antibiotics!" Well since dealing yesterday, it seems the bladder infection may be clearing itself up early this morning and I am now able to pee again!) Finally!) So far so good!) Gotta enjoy a good painless piss and I'm also emptying the bag more too! It's getting old and hopefully on the 18th, there will be no more pee bag!) I won't have to match my age with pee bags and such!

Well back to this morning, I awoke at around 8:45am (was supposed to be up at 8!), jumped out of bed, did the baby wipe shower, then washed my hair, my face, put on sunscreen, got dressed, fed my babies, then took both of them on a walk with my brother. He woke up right after I did. I was finally ready to go pick up my father from the airport.

Right when we were getting ready to go pick up my dad, right when his flight was about to land, (we live about 10 minutes from the airport), we were literally just about to leave and then my intestines started to ache and stir. It was not good. I had purse in tow, and about to walk out the door when all of sudden, "I gotta shit man!" I had to run to the bathroom and then again upstairs to do the "Sitz bath routine" as I vomited and vomited and then diarrhea, diarrhea, and more diarrhea. I was in so much pain (my poor bum just burning in pain!( and the spasms just got worse and worse.

My honey woke up soon after to my turning on the hot water in the bathtub multiple times and then hearing me retching in pain. I had tried earlier to wake up my honey unsuccessfully (he had to wear ear plugs from my brothers loud, loud, loud snoring) to help his friend load up his car with all of his equipment that he had let us borrow (what a sweet heart!) for the beautiful floor job. I was to stay and shut the garage door after our friend had picked up his equipment.

After my intense spasm sessions, I walked downstairs to check on our friend Gordy, right when I was about to close the garage door; in walked my hero (my hubby) with my dad pulling his suitcase and my walking brother by his side. It was a family moment to always remember.

Yes, this morning was quite the drama and my dad only had to wait at the airport for them for about 15 minutes or so. My honey and my brother didn't get to leave until about 5 minutes after his flight landed. I was so impressed with my honey! He came through and I was able to stay put and deal with those horrible spasms.

Once the spasms were done, we all went out for breakfast. Check out the photos here, the first one is of my dad and my brother just chatting together after my father had arrived. I have been smapping lots of photos and hope to make a great photo video for Christmas 2009. My dad is trying to learn the song "Cat in the Cradle" and I hope to have a recording of him so that I can make a special collage of photos of him and Billy. I try not to make plans anymore as sometimes they tend to get cancelled due to my health so now its just wishes. I can just try to make those wishes come true. We will see!)

The heartburn and nausea stopped for most of the day but the heart burn and nausea returned with a vengeance at around 4pm. I toke a Zofran and then took a short nap (my dad also took a nice long nap= he was jet lagged) and then we went out for a wonderful meal at my favorite Organic Restaurant in Downtown Campbell "Aqui Fresh Mex". I was feeling much better and able to eat. What a healthy meal we all had!

We got home from the restaurant in time to watch my addiction (Groomer Has It) on Animal Planet. The show is kinda cheesy but it deals with pet grooming and I always think of my brother when ever I watch the show. We enjoyed watching the show together and then my dad took off at around 8:30pm to go to bed. He was so exhausted, so Billy and I got to spend some quality time, then my honey returned from his Pub (after some basketball game?) and we all watched "Grand Torino". What an amazing movie that was. It wasn't quite as violent and heart breaking as "Million Dollar Baby" but it was so good. It was cool to see such a strong message of friendship in this movie. There were lots of racist remarks about the different cultures but they all seemed to get along as it was just jokes. Even though the ending was tragic; it was tragic in a good way. What a great feel good movie! Now off for some more adventures! Turning 39 tomorrow!) More updates to come!)

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Mischa said...

happy birthday, Jayne! It's so nice to hear about your family visiting. You're always in my thoughts and I am sending you positive energy to help those intestines heal and for you to have a wonderful family visit.

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