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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Getting ready for a Doggie Party and More!

Well today I am washing dog toys, and rugs.  We are going to a doggie birthday party tomorrow providing it does not rain.  Today was such a beautiful day and fighting a cold; I did not make it outside today.  Tonto has been entertaining me by running all over the floor and knocking all those tiny little leaves he got outside on his feet in the rain all over my floor; but I have been mixing the sweeping and cleaning with yoga so I am feeling as if I am healing why trying to keep up with a rambunctious bucking of this very playful Manx cat.  While the spinner of the cycle; I kept hearing what sounded like an Alaskan moose squeak (it only squeaked and alarmed me and the animals maybe about 3 or 4 times during the whole spin cycles) that was actually coming from the washing machine.   We all jumped when we heard it the first time.  I think that was what was making him so playful was that sound.  

When I did finally finish that cycle; I laughed my ass off when I took a look at what the sound was.  I had been feeling the effects of the new Fentanol patches that my honey had replaced just the day before and of course having to take 1mm of Dilaudid and an Ativan for severe ass spasms and all night shit fest (please forgive me for my wording but it does piss me off some nights that I have to go sometimes literally all night long = like every 20-30 minutes all through out the night and the poo that comes out burns like hell)!  Aren't you glad you don't have to suffer from those?  I can laugh about it now but boy when they are going on; they are not at all pleasant.  My poor ass and intestines have been cut up so many times and are continuing to go through hell.

I had decided to go through all of Blue Belle's toys to find gifts for a friend's pup's 1st birthday party since we are tightly watching our money; regifting was our only option since my spending used to be a problem and I am doing so much better lately except for food.   I still tend to loose it going to the grocery store only when hungry and there is nothing at all appealing in my fridge or pantry.  Should you never go shopping starving or stoned.  I don't go stoned shopping anymore but hungry seems to be a problem as well.   OK back to washing Blue Belle's toys and of course some of the rugs in the house needed to be washed as well. At least Blue Belle got to pick out the toys (she has more than enough = enough for at least 5 more parties).  I also had to wash out the washing machine after that load because of the lint left in the washing mashine and who knows what else was in there?   I had found this trick of using vinegar in the washing mashine as detergent to clean it out?  Hope it works.  

It's been so nice to have my honey home with me to take care of me and I do plan to treasure the next month with him since he returns back to work in a month.  I have lost my rights to drive since I am on such heavy duty drugs and I wouldn't dare get behind the wheels feeling any of those effects any way.  It does suck that I have so much pain in my body to have to control but I am still alive and very thankful to be at that.  This disease does make you treasure all the time  and all the moments spent with loved ones; even if it's just on the phone, on Skype, and especially in person

This weekend has been fun and I'm still looking forward to getting some much needed errands done on Monday and hopefully this won't be another week of not getting anything done.   I did get a call back from the lady in Palo Alto about what is needed to get my dog certified to work in the VA hospital.  

Kinda funny story and a bit awkward on my part and the poor volunteer's part.  Yesterday was a total "My Bad" and boy was it.  I feel really bad and really guilty about the whole thing but I can't help laughing; am I evil for thinking this?  It's just my honey's cute personality and his extreme protectfulness and what goes on in that cute mind of his.   Well, I got a call from a lovely organization called Transitions; they are funded by another organization called Hospice of the Valley; they had called me on Wednesday evening to try to schedule someone coming out to sign me up for their massage program or what ever other services they can provide me with.  Anyway it was pretty awkward and kind of funny how it all played out.  I'm pretty spacey especially having to be on all of these meds; I wanted to tell my honey about someone coming out on Friday and completely and totally spaced them coming out on Friday morning around 11am.  My honey and I had slept in some and I jumped out of bed at around 10:30am and not wanting to wake up my honey; I remembered the 11am appointment which I wanted to try and make by myself (should have included him and told him earlier, but I didn't get a chance to).  Anyway, the man rings the doorbell and I let him in and we begin talking about the program briefly.  I'm thinking my husband is sound asleep.  He had been suffering from a cold and had been taking Theraflu Nighttime cold medicine; so I really did figure that he was konked out for good.  Anyway, the man was older; probably in his 60's and he gave me some compliments that I was very pretty and that I did not look at all like someone with a terminal illness.   We talked a little bit about the program and then we started talking about massage and what the program offers.   I asked him about Reiki and if he could explain it to me; well then his voice was a bit effiminate (my husband said it sounded very creepy) and he said "well I have done Reiki and it is wonderful and my hands get really hot before I give anyone a massage!".  Right then we hear some stirring upstairs as my honey hurries to put on some clothes.  I guess what he had already heard creeped my honey out!  He comes downstairs and his hair is all wild and crazy looking and he's wearing his Grinch warm furry pants.  First thing; he had no idea some strange man would be in his living room talking about giving his wife a massage and also he had some forms that he had wanted me to fill out and sign.  My honey made it clear to the man that he had no idea that he would be there this morning or that he was not aware of anyone stopping by; of course my heart stops beating and I'm flushed and embarrassed that I had forgotten to tell him and immediately appologized for both and just told both of them that I'm sorry I spaced this whole appointment and I had just remmembered the appointment this morning and didn't want to deal with waking up a grizzly bear this morning.  

Yes, he is a grizzly bear in the morning to wake up and not at all fun to wake up in the morning; particularly if I have kept him up all night from going to the bathroom all night long as it has been usually.  Oh I felt so bad; 3 days is not enough time to tell him sometimes and I try to tell him right at the moment but he wasn't around for that phone call.  The man was completely uncomfortable as my honey read over what I was to sign and then looked over at me and then at my husband then said you know I think you two need to talk this over first because I don't feel comfortable all and he then made a B-line right for our front door.  The poor dude almost fell on the ground when he couldn't open the door but he finally made it out.   He nearly ran out the door; my crazy looking husband didn't do anything to him but his tone was not very friendly.   Oh God how I felt bad.  We  then had a normal couples spout about this but all is better now.   I just had to laught at his impressions of the man talking about how his hands heat up and how I look so young and pretty.  Thank god we resolved that!    I can now laugh about the situation and hope we can get this resolved because after researching everything; it is a very good idea and a great opportunity for me.   Maybe I can voluteer to visit hospice patients with Blue Belle?  Who knows?  Well now I am anxiously for awaiting until Monday when one of friends will be able to drive me to Palo Alto to sign me up for the Veteran's Hospital Pet Therapy Volunteer Program

Peace and Love to all and another update to come!  My sincere apologies for lagging on the updates!

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l'optimiste said...

oops! oh well, never mind - we all make mistakes. I forget everything, which can be frustrating, and I'm not even on any meds ;o)

Love that 're-gifting' idea! have a fun party

stipeygirl75 said...

You can tell your hubby - the hands heating up is totally platonic. I also do Reiki and that is totally normal ;)

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