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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Excellent visit with father- surgery re-scheduled....

My sincere apologies once again for leaving you all in the dark about my health.  Well last Friday we were scheduled to have a major abdominal surgery in order to insert a pain pump about the size of a hockey puck!) inside me but instead of typing out everything; I'm going to be lazy and insert this video which will hopefully answer many of your questions as to what has happened to me lately; yes that surgery was postponed and I have surgery this Friday instead and yes; scared shitless as usual but I have my honey by my side which really helps me a lot!)  He is without a doubt my rock!) 

WARNING: this video is kinda cheesy and dumb but I do hope you all enjoy!

Here are the links on that pain pump that I will be getting inserted on Friday.

My sincere apologies for such a horrid video of myself but I am being real and honest.  Here's to a cure and more research on what causes cancer and so many other diseases?  
Can we at least find the causes of these diseases such as  poisons that we could be bringing inside our homes being used around out families?  It could be anything and even the foods and preservatives along with so many other things that are unsafe for us to injest.    I feel that makes perfect sense and perhaps companies could care a little less about their top profits and instead find ways to get rid of those chemicals that they know causes cancer; find an alternative that does not?  I'm sure there are plenty of alternatives that are much safer for us to use.   I think I might be getting off the subject a bit but it has got me thinking about doing what is right. 
Well here's to many safe and successful surgeries as I know for a fact there are many more and not just me getting surgery on Friday or even right now!)  Peace and love to all of you and I hope you all enjoy my photos with my dad.  

I can tell all of you enough about how wonderful his visit was with us.  He was such a great help (helping with laundry, cleaning, dishes, and especially taking Miss Blue Belle on long walks around the neighborhood and she enjoyed each and every one of them.  He even took Tonto on his favorite walks around our Condo complex.

Awwwww it was so awesome to be able to spend time with him!  I feel it really helped me and my honey a lot to be able to spend this quality of time with him.  I loved every minute of it!)   I can't wait for him to visit again!  He never once criticized me or my honey and it was just nice to be around him.   It was all about family love and support.   His visit with us was totally stress free; unlike the visit with my mother.  My mom's visit was so stressful for me and I know it's because she wasn't around for me when I needed her most and now she feels that she needs to boss me around and treat me like I'm 6; OK no more bad kharma, my dad is a gem!)

 Oh, and I almost forgot that I got an excellent massage  (a week ago today!) from an awesome massage therapist who works for (Hospice of the Valley) providing free massages to cancer patients.  Believe you me, I certainly enjoyed that massage!  Anyway here are some great photos to enjoy!

Happy Memorial Day to all the soldiers and their families who have faught for our country; let's hope Obama can get us out of this war so that we may spend our tax dollars in a more productive way such creating good jobs that will help our own infrastructures and invest in our own Country!) (Yes, I was not for this war; but we are in it whether we like it or not)  Hope that makes sense and we all deserve good health care; particularly those who work hard.  No laziness!  We all  have a purpose in this world!)   

UPDATE: I got a phone call today (5/27/10) that my surgery has been moved up to 10am so I have to be in Redwood City Hospital no later than 8am!  Nothing to eat or drink past midnight and all the nervous energies that I am getting as this surgery fast approaches.  I should be in the hospital all weekend long and will hopefully get to go home Monday or Tuesday, June 1st.  Peace and Love to all of you!

Here is another video that I found to be quite interesting and hope that some of you will get a chance to see it:  I sure hope that BP will do the right thing and not charge us taxpayers with cleaning up their mess; may they be responsible and remember what their mothers had always told them as a child; "clean up after yourself!".  Don't be a burden to society!

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Anonymous said...

OK, but those doctors better make sure it's a teal-green SHARKS pain hockey puck pump!!! Cause only the best will do for you.

Best of luck Friday!

your friend in sac,

Shopping Kharma said...

Got that right! Too bad the sharks lost 4 in a row to the Blackhawks! Here's to me seeing them win a Stanley Cup next year!

l'optimiste said...

thinking of you both on Friday CJ. I hope this pump helps a LOT.

A teal green one? heh heh - be sure to ask if there's a choice ;o)

coffeemaiden said...

I'm so glad you got to spend time with your father. Your spirit needs good medicine, too, in the form of dad. I'll keep you and your honey in my prayers until your next post.
Hugs and good vibes,

coffeemaiden said...

P.S. Your video is awesome! And Blue Belle looks so soft. I have two whippets and it's like they absorb the anxiety out thru my hands and into them. Thinking about you all the time. Take care.
Love Ya,

stipeygirl75 said...

I agree about the chemicals and things we are exposed to - and I wouldn't even know I was being poisoned by them if I didn't develop fibromyalgia! Now I can't stand to be around chemicals of any kind - they make me sick. I feel sorry for all the fish and wildlife being exposed to all the nasty chemicals in the gulf oil spill. Sending some long-distance Reiki your way :) Hope your surgery goes well!!

- Sarah

Ankit Shukla said...

hi, this was my first visit here. don't know what to say..
get well soon. :)

Unknown said...

The video was excellent, Jayne. I hope the pain pump surgery is a huge success and that all the wonderful kharmic energy you're sending out into the world comes back to you 10 fold. miss you!

Anonymous said...

Great video! You have a real future in film :-)

Thinking good thoughts for your beautiful self.

Anonymous said...

Love the video, love you. Your words, and your experience as you describe it, are very, very comforting to others who suffer in different ways. We are all in this together, aren't we.

coffeemaiden said...

Jayne, thinking of you and hoping all is well. Love ya, Deb

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