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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Witnessing History in the making....

Well, history has been made and 40 years later after the major Civil rights movements and the assassination of Dr. King, an African American has finally won the Democratic Nomination and we were all fortunate enough to witness this historical event. Some unfortunately are not at all happy about this, but despite his experience, he does offer fresh new ideas for our country. I honestly feel that if we can have a Crime Family and practically a Chimpanzee running our country for eight years, then why can't this candidate do a better job than what has already been happening right before us for the past eight years? We have a crime family in the White House right now and we are in serious dire need for that to change. We can't afford to continue on this destructive path for another 4-8 years.

Despite the low voter turn out and just to think we almost forgot to vote; we still managed to vote and to turn in our Ballots. In California, we have 2 very important propositions to vote on and most don't realize the importance of these Propositions. One is 98 which in reality masquerades as eminent domain reform meant to protect Property owners from Gov't land grabs, but it is actually proof of greedy special interests. According to Defenders of Wildlife, it could jeopardize important environmental regulations and zoning laws that would allow the state to:

  • protect our imperiled wildlife and habitats.
  • address global warming and climate change.
  • safeguard our drinking water and water supply.
  • protect sensitive wetlands and coastal areas.
  • limit urban sprawl, polluting industries and irresponsible development.
  • preserve our old growth forests and open spaces.
  • protect agricultural lands, and culturally and historically significant sites.
  • incentivize “smart growth” solutions to transportation and city planning.
  • protect California renters from excessive rent increases.

For example, if a logging company wanted to clear cut a forest that pacific fishers need to survive, and California Fish and Game requires the company to leave some trees standing to protect the fisher, the state -- and taxpayers like you and me -- would then have to pay the logging company for any money it may have lost by not being able to cut down those trees.

Proposition 99 - The Homeowners Protection Act - will prohibit the government from using eminent domain to take a home to transfer to a private developer.

The important thing is, we actually got out and voted. Proposition 98 did not pass and 99 did. That's exactly what we had voted on and I felt our votes really did make a difference. We even researched the Judges who were running for the District courts and felt that we votes for right people.

While I was standing in line getting ready to vote, a woman behind me, loudly announced that she would like her Republican Ballot. I have to admit I was a bit shocked and dismayed that anyone would be voting Republican after the last eight years of lies. It seems lately that I have been witnessing lots of people proudly displaying their Republican support when I can't even begin to understand why anyone would still be on the bandwagon with Bush. It really baffles me that anyone would want to keep on this same war path despite all of the evidence suggesting blatant lying just to get us into this costly unnecessary war, the fact of the matter is that he is continuing to bankrupt our country (our debt was bought and paid for by China - how scary is that?), rising fuel, energy, food, and so much more. I bet most have forgotten that just a few years ago the Security of our Ports was nearly bought and paid for by the Arabs. How many hijackers were Arabic? OK, 15 hijackers of the 19 were from Saudi Arabia, 2 were from from the United Arab Emirates, 1 was Lebanese, and 1 was Egyptian. I don't recall any being from Iraq. This Administration screwed up in a major, major way and even lied to us to get us to attack the absolute wrong country that attacked us in the first place.

McCain was or is still trying to distance himself from GWB, or at least just for the election and to trick voters into thinking that he doesn't support the current Administration's policies when actually has a 90% record of doing just that. That's exactly how I look at it. He is just as dishonest and I am always viewing many, many videos of him saying one thing, then doing another. Here is a Republican view of what life is supposed to be like "Do as I say, not as I do"!

OK to get back to the Republicans; the richest people in America (only 1% - not 50 or 60%, but 1%) really benefit by only having to pay 15% of their income to taxes while the rest of us have to cough up 30-40%. The middle class and the working poor have to pay more of our incomes to taxes? How is this right? How is this fair? Why do people support these tax cuts to only the ultra wealthy? Robbing from the poor to give to the rich is basically what this taxation is all about and McCain wishes to make it permanent. Now why is it that all Republican's feel that they benefit from those tax cuts when they aren't at all benefiting? They certainly are NOT the wealthiest people in America. How do they not know this?

While my husband and I were wine tasting in Wine Country last weekend, we decided to only visit the wineries that allowed dogs inside the tasting rooms. I overheard this old wine maker talking to some other guests as to why he was voting for McCain, (his wife is a blond with big boobs and another person he would like to have a drink with), how he loves George Bush and still believes everything he says as gold. I find this incredibly puzzling, but I just let him get his word in and I never once spoke politics with him. I kind of just let him speak his mind, tell his jokes and just kept quiet. He even directed the conversation as us, but I still kept quiet and oblivious.

I would rather spread peace than to argue with anyone about their views. You just can't change people's minds and besides we were on vacation and I needed no stress what so ever. As I much as I wanted to go off, the important thing is I kept quiet for my honey. I know exactly what its like to argue politics with my dad and I can't even do that anymore. We love each other, but we have come to know that we just can't argue politics. It's like two Oxes butting heads, he can't change my mind and I can't change his. Plus, I'm fighting this cancer and I don't need to be frustrated fighting politics with a Republican; we can still get along and respect each other's opinions or can't we?

I just hope and pray that when people do finally get out to vote in this November election, that they truly understand who they are voting for and are not at all brainwashed by Fox Noise when they go out to vote for their candidate. I hope they are able to research and really truly understand what their candidate supports and stands for. I encourage everyone to check out YouTube for the truth on what these candidates really stand for.

Republicans seem to stir up fear for votes and to be quite honest, fear and stress causes severe health problems. They are against everyone having health care but yet they do this to all of us. The media really needs to look out for our best interests, they have to do the hard work and really research stories and leads before announcing to the public. Most are such lazy journalists. So much from the right wing has proved to be untrue while adding unnecessary stress and fear. It doesn't matter how many times you repeat an untrue statement, it will never ever be true. That's what this Administration has done to us for 8 years.

I have been quite shocked to see some of the crazy and often hypocritical comments McCain has made and stood for. I sometimes feel he must have fallen off of his rocking chair when I hear some of the comments that come out of his mouth. Does anyone remember that just last year, he caused a big fiasco, putting troops lives in danger so that he could pretend to shop at a market in Baghdad?

McCain is also accepting corporate and lobbyist donations and is even traveling with his lobbyists and to me that stands for corruption. How can we have another 4-8 years of that again? Really?

Obama has just made history and I stand behind him 100%; he does not allow anyone to push him around, and I know he will make a wise choice in choosing a running mate. He is also NOT accepting any donations from Corporate Lobbyists. If we can have a chance to reunite the rest of the country and the world, it would be if Obama get elected to be our President.


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Politi Gal said...

Amen sister! I admire you for having the strength to let the comments about Bush slide, my foot would have been headed straight for my mouth, as it so often inclined to do in similar situations.

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