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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

God forbid this love!

Well today the Supreme court is meeting for 3 hours to discuss the legality of some marriages performed a few years ago. It does make sense that these people deserve the same rights as you and I. They deserve to be with the person that they are in love with, the same benefits (health, death, etc), perhaps a Same Sex Union would guarantee these rights; it wouldn't be the same as marriage, but at least it would be the same rights. It's called a compromise. It won't be technically called marriage, but it will be marriage for them. Just it call it something different "Same Sex Union" or what ever, just not the word marriage since so many people have a problem with it. It's just not fair period., to deny 2 "Americans", "citizens" or what ever they happen to be the right to be together in a sacred union together; a right to be together forever.

I live near San Francisco and the whole gay marriage thing is really driving a lot of really hateful people to the edge primarily in the rest of the country. I am seeing a really evil side to many Evangelical Christians or Conservative for that matter, perhaps its the press that at least makes it seem that way.

These types of arguments have made me question the bible to some extent. I just can't fathom hatred or trying to run someone else's life, to force your beliefs onto others. We all have a mind of our own. We live in a free country that is supposed to have "Separation of Church and State". What part of that do these people not understand? Our forefathers faught in the Revolutionary War in order to be free of Britain, to found a country that guarantees us "Freedom of Religion". That we can be free to worship if we wish to.

Is it really anyone's business who gets to marry who! You see, I have a Native American Heritage which I am very proud of and I think that's why I am so at peace with others (except for the hateful busy body people, I usually avoid confrontations which those types). I refuse to butt in and tell people who they can and can't love. I am in no place to tell anyone that they are being sinful when I myself commit sins everyday. Hell, we all do! "He who has not sinned, cast the first stone!" I hope that means something to everyone. Jesus loves everyone? That is what I have been told my whole life and now it seems that this isn't true anymore.

I know that homosexuality happens in nature because I used to work in a zoo in the deep south this is where I very first had contact with homosexuality. I was only 14 years old coming to work with my mom and I still got paid to work, just under the table. I maybe made $200 for the entire summer. It was hard work. We had these two male baboons that were so in love with each other. Yeah they even made the most obnoxious noises when they had sex and it was hilarious. My mom and I would giggle every time the two went at it. One time a kindergarten class had come to the zoo to visit and they walked by the Baboon exhibit while the baboons were going at it. One little boy asked his teacher, "what are they doing?" The teacher replied, "they are playing leap frog", a little girl butted in and said "how come they can't jump to the other side" they aren't playing it right". I laughed as the teacher turned red and hurried them past the exhibit.

A new zoo manager had once tried to separate the baboons and had placed them with female baboons that were ready to be bred. Despite the females being in heat, the males stopped eating and wouldn't mate with the females. We eventually had to separate them from the females as they would attack them when the females wanted to often mate. It was just proof that this happens in nature. I don't know, I just experienced it first hand, no one had to tell me. Another small example that I remember was these two female Siberian Tigers. The two tigers seemed to be in love with each other and would mate. One female was like a male, more muscular and large in size and the other more like a female. It was always the larger female that would mount the slighter smaller tiger. It was odd, but further proof of homosexuality in another species. Back then, I didn't know much about it in humans as I do now. Because I saw this, I never once passed judgment on gay people.

I remember I worked with this one really nice gay man at this department store as a teenager. He dressed funny, but was overall a wonderful person to be around. He was like one of the girls. A few of the stock men would heckle him as walked to the back break room and he could come back with the most piercing sayings that would have you in stitches. In fact many other gay men and females as well that I have met have been very caring, compassionate, and even had the best sense of humor.

To me passing judgment on someone that you have never met or gotten know if wrong. Everyone needs a chance to prove themselves no matter what. I have met many gay people who happen to be warm hearted, loving people. I am very loving person and I love everyone I come to contact with who has a heart of gold; to me that is a rich person, not someone with lots of money, it's the person in the room with the biggest heart and many gay people I have met, are big hearted people. Some are not, but some are.

I am very spiritual, but I just don't feel at peace in a church. It seems like a place to judge others and to me that just isn't the right way to be. How can you judge someone you don't know or just know of what others have said about them without actually meeting the person yourself. Sure it helps many people, but for a majority that I see, it just gives them the free pass to treat others horribly; such as lying, cheating, and even taking lives, confess their sins, and then it's OK to commit those sins over and over as long as you confess them? They can lie, cheat, steal, all over again? I just don't buy it. Yes, I have met some gay people I didn't like, but I never judge anyone unless I see that person commit an act of brutality towards another person or an animal. Actions speak louder than words.

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Cannabis is not at all harmful and in fact quite the opposite. Perhaps our economy can once again grow as it has in the turn of the century by making this life saving plant legal once again.

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